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Space Hitch-hiking Lifecolloid Part 2

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 28 September 2011 Marrakesh, Morroco

Life can easily be jump started by panspermia. There is evidence from the stardust probe from deep space and also samples from deep in the earth, that show lifecolloid to be present. There is a correlation between sun spot activity and disease, as celestial bodies are also organs of self. The suns magnetic poles have stalled; and gravity from Nibiru has tilted the Earth’s North Pole toward the sun. Bacteria as lifecolloid do rain from the sky. Comets and asteroids do impact the earth. Organic molecules are found in outer space. Even light from distant stars are dimmed by “space dust” of a dimension of lifecolloid.

An asteroid and comet is a true breeding ground for lifecolloid as spore, bacteria, mold, fungus and yeast. Life on earth is the result of a continuous seeding of primordial building blocks of lifecolloid from outer space. A one thousandth of a millimeter is the size of bacteria that can scatter star light passing through it.

Life as dried bacteria absorbs two to four micrometer of infrared light, and the all powerful infra red light stemming from the center of our Milky Way matches this absorption rate! Vodka (its vibrational signature) has been found in outer space. Inter stellar clouds have acetaldehyde and acetylene; both precursors to making amino acid. Serine, glycine, and alanine; has been shown to be created in deep space.

One third of all dust as carbon in interstellar space is estimated to contain lifecolloid. In only fourteen days a single life colloid in the right environment can become, through AFD process, equivalent to the mass of our galaxy! A multimillion mile trail (as a tail of debris) is left behind comets visiting our inner solar system. Life colloid easily survives deep outer space, an extremophile as: Deinococcus radiodurans survive extreme radiation; and Pyrolobus above boiling point; and, Arrhenius survives as low as -196 degrees Celsius. Even inside a comet nuclei there can easily be warm watery liquid containing lifecolloid. Life only has to have arisen in one spot in a galaxy for it to spread throughout a galaxy.

A high ratio of carbon-12 compound to carbon-13 in rocks came into being about 3.85 billion years ago when the earth was struck by another celestial watery body. It is estimated that about forty thousand tons of comet and asteroid dust falls to earth annually. Dysbiotic lifecolloid can easily rain from the sky. Microscopic red corpuscle has been found to rain down sometimes in history; and today we know the earth is growing bigger annually. There was a time in the past where al continental plates fit together; earth was twelve times smaller as a spore in space.

UV rays of 216.5nm are absorbed and clearly indicate spore in interstellar clouds. Gravity pulls matter in and radiation balances and pushes things out. Yet all depends upon an eleven year sunspot cycle that causes leakage of solar dust into Earth’s atmosphere. During such times epidemic and disease also strike the Earth. Pandemic occurs in times of solar maxima. Life on earth is also of an extraterrestrial symbiosis from outer space. _________________ When You're Here, You're Family }:-)


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