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Space Hitch-hiking Lifecolloid Part 4

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 28 September 2011 Marrakesh, Morocco

As Jubb’s Lifecolloid pro-biotic is first uncovered it has a bright red ochre color and small exposure to light and oxygen causes it to quickly turn black right before your eyes. It is a blackish brown exudation and reposit found in pristine mountains in America and Australia. It can be found as reposit at the bottom of some ancient dried up lakes and old river beds. It can be tens of thousands of years old. It has most all of the ancient forest phytonutrients preserved in lipoic acid within it. It has the largest internal surface area of any other material on the earth.

Jubb’s lifecolloid is a supervitalizer as a mineral/organic complex. It is a true cell rejuvenator, immunomodulator and improves neurological capacity. A termite could have eaten all the wood of your neighbors’ house and digested the wood only because of resident lifecolloid bacteria that can break the wood down into nutrient that the termite can then apply. A mission of lifecolloid in panspermia; like colonizing and/or transient bacteria in your intestinal garden, can find carbonaceous material and accumulated mineral particle in order to be successful. Through comet, asteroid, volcanoes, tsunami, flooding and earth changes organic content is delivered to the soil and biofilm; all life exist within.

Soil of your intestinal garden you are wrapped around is as earth is to all bodies of life; deep in the furthest reaches of outer space in you intestinal tract. Model soil nutrient analysis where meteorite impact has incurred shows vital biologically available nutrient to be abundant. Typically values far better than the best soil is achieved. The author has observed microscopically lifecolloid flourish n 1ml of water and 100mg of meteorite dust. All by AFD process grew vital flourishing stable population. Jubb’s lifecolloid pro-biotic has accumulated all such as above; and has been observed to have a very powerful biological affect promoting vital life. Sunflower, radish and broccoli sprout grown has a much greater green coloration. All observations through construct, context, expert and face validity point to lifecolloid being able to grow in outer space. Comet and asteroid only need sub-surface water and landing on earth easily; and use meteorite nutrient to flourish.

An examination of colloidal biology involving symbiosis (mutual lived assistance); and, pleomorphism (many changing life forms) logically endorses panspermia. Convincing fossilized cyanobacteria in meteorite has been found. Scientists today show changes in lifecolloid species incurs by symbiosis with external, then becoming internal lifecolloid. Magnetosome is found on a Martian meteorite.

Fossilized 250 million year old bacteria have been announced to be immortal. In outer space very large organic molecules have been recovered. Fossilized lifecolloid in meteorite strongly points to past life on Mars. The public position of outer space seeding life is radically shifting. For some time micro fossilized lifecolloid have been photographed and genes are far older than the indicated fossil record. Bacteria survive lethal to most all life amounts of radiation; turning that radiation into gold. And, easily lifecolloid are shown to not have had any nutrient for more than 25 million years, yet are shown to get busy once water is again applied.


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