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The Crime of a Fox Left Guarding a Hen-house

Updated: Apr 11

Most can agree to note observing the bigger picture, the cost of of the past is way too much to continue on with; and, a real reset is discharging the charge of genocide; all, DEBT is zeroed out; it’s, the new reset; the

Rule, of law is put back into domestic and international relation; currency, is positively inducted; chain, of command is present from we the people down; and, for there that hasn’t been instead of cash for instance; because, a fear of contagion by design that got drawn up;

Business, as well shutting down; workers, face potential termination; mandates, put without any due diligence; because, it’s who’s paying the piper has been running the show; you, get unpaid leave if you didn’t comply; what’s, covid without a claim would be as a serious draconian loss of liberty;

Not, having any proper chain of command comes at a high price; history, past in the recent can have come down hard by the climate controllers use of weather manipulation; it’s, by article IV and III court which is needed to look at charges such being discharged; and, revenue to the republic of such credit owed; spent, wrongfully by a theft;

Centralized, banks caused housing to be raised one thousand five hundred percent in relation to other commodity; private, property being protected is the reason for government; yet, CB-cowo system by ancient pledge of course peony and a common law trespass on bonds done by legal name fraud as a false ID;

Around, the globe to split we the people up to control currency in this time; to, depopulate as an agenda; no, one gave permission for ledgers to be merged with an apparent enemy corpse; and, to be under control by a controlled DEBT crisis;

War, in the past and today is used to launder currency; for, a meat grinder as a path; yet, to all us the pen is mightier than the sword; and, violence is abhorrent; what, do you get when you have CB-cowo as a system as a guardian over the public trust over Alphabet Soup Land? Isn’t that like a fox in charge of a hen-house?

“You, will own nothing and be happy;” it’s, a theft of your private property that was onsold before this time; you, never gave permission for; CB-cowo, has assistance of timing and capacity to have carried out how credit is spent where such an agenda didn’t come from we the people as a chain of command;

You, look at Agenda Twenty-thirty over your land and you see a WEF’s mantra; “you, will own nothing and be happy;” depopulate, and control of global research is CB-cowo’s carried out blueprint; this, got by court bond theft; so, a ledger of an exclusive managed control of monies of account being turned into currencies of exchange by criminal design;

All, is only regulated because centralized control cuts out all quorum sensing in the system where big TECH is merged with CB-cowo as the Stakeholder; currency should not be speculated and should have intrinsic value; and, can hold such in perpetuity; and, be based upon the real estate; which, it is yet it’s been a sacred cow; that

It’s, you who is the real estate being traded; all, is operated under bankruptcy law; yet, to where all is all care for common law to protect private property; proper, investment can exist from we the people; yet, positive economic induction needs to be replacing negative induction;

All, live in the real world which is being controlled by a monopoly; none, can continue on with struggle with non-logical condition; when, a margin gets called in it crashes everything doesn’t it; it’s, like a gale-force heat wave inflaming all; an, ethnicity has been put into position of power beyond the representation of such within we the beloved people; and, to control all by it’s calendar;

Only, a strawman argument has been given you like a dampened economy with a weighed risk of inflation becoming out of control; which, of course it does; that’s, a form of a theft of your currency; someone, else controls the purse string that’s already been bet by “super Ai;” it’s, a monopoly to be purposeful of a recessionary inversion; so, that the economy where you are is moving to a cascaded crisis;

You, and i can stop that slump; clear, away as such manufactured agenda had having closed businesses by banning the jab; and, criminal charging those who have control financing to stop monopolized reluctant for currency to be equal to people’s product and service which it’s supposed to be; to, have controlled by credit and interest owed;

Credit card debt got to the trillion mark last month; big ticket purchase is gone; confidence is only held a hair above depression; under, negative economic induction it’s uncertain how for always we the people under CB-cowo; isn’t, the signs flashing red for you? The lies that’s mysterious and anomalies all proceeding within the crime of geo-weaponry being used for earthquake and flooding?

It’s, CB-cowo is a ponzi system; where, credit is due for the theft of currency having been directed; and, CB-cowo gets paid up trillions in interest; to, hold every nation hostage; it’s, the true definition of negative economic induction of ponzi scheme; which, is a charge that needs to be discharged; and, such revenue republiced to we the people;

Where, even law is certain suicidal not by any popular chain of command such is done; for, as a patsie are okay with a militarized permanence rather than peace; so, where one should have secret service protection yet doesn’t there’s just too many things you can see of a two tiered system;

The fentanyl crisis is a purposeful asymmetric war to destroy; and, participate in a genocidal reduction of we the people; can you say that drug sales makes more money than the largest global private big TECH corporation does in the world?

Is it welcome to twenty-thirty where you have no privacy? Life hasn't been ever better because you don’t own anything? Massive, amount of currency for you is wrongfully driven by criminal put climate change to have created a lot of false movement by social governance; and,

Environment, as a heading sounds good; yet, all is used to crash and burn and not let any substance be for we the people; and, drafting all to give such to fiction; confidence, in world currency is because all consider how private right as title is protected; so

What happens when exchange in currency is held hostage? Isn’t the whole scamdemic not controlled and coming out of one stable? It's the charge we the people have to have discharged isn’t it? Love, jubbdavid;


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