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The Sacred Cow Never Gets Sacrificed: It’s Disappeared

The, eclipse movement is about getting rid of usury; it, really is about the killbox; and, the sacred cow; which, is the mechanism behind the scene which never gets sacrificed “itself;” that, mechanism is disappeared; nothing, is without a fingerprint left behind; this,

Father has discovered the importance of being given consideration; and, transparency; yet, a proper chain of command; liberty, is for you are equal under the law; but, what happens when commerce is used as procedure; which, is obviously wrong; where

Matter, is by common law we the people issue; not, a CORPS; to, take action on the ground is having joinery; where, a CORPSE doesn’t; it’s, we the people from the land; where

Liberty, is where the living connect with the living about living; such, is from the land; you, hear this word ‘from;’ from, is the verb; so, for you to demand justice you do your part; giving, is what you do; it, is not something that can be shared you see; for

Corruption, in the legal system as what this work is about is exposing the courthouse being a private trading company; and, a guild clearly with double-oath; being, under the CROWN; yet

To, defend freedom and life all need to have woken up; you, can protect an innocent child like my son; who, has been trafficked; and, no claim exists against his father; which, it’s my personal connection; for

To, have courage to give a solution is you being in a new mindset; you, give this message to relevant beloved; you, cannot say ‘ban the jab’ didn’t happen in one state because those jabbed got what’s totally not ecological;

How many can have been murdered? It's better that you’ve got ‘ban the jab’ where you’ve only got non-ecological toxin; to show how millions could have been premeditated murdered; you're not going to say that censorship is not fraudulent because there is no claim you've seen ever? It’s

Unlawful, advertising; a, racketeering criminally engaging willfully Alphabet Soup Land and Loan Rangers in your nation; it’s, common law you don’t need to look at articles of genocide to see “officials” not having followed proper statute;

To, characterize the common enemy is important and go with the path of least resistance not most; twenty, six people of no conflicted interest with common law; a, bloke could have something right yet something also completely wrong; yet

You’d, see convicted defendants all who had a hand in allowing a prototype to be given everybody under DOD; yet, the weakness is eight billion people need to find twenty-six people to help clear up the mess that basically a couple handfuls of families nepotistically are controllers of a scale of economy; that

Boasts of having infiltrated many nations and is foreign interference; CB-cowo, controllers with all subsidiary patsie paid up use the government to be weaponized; because, like how come no questions exist about persistent contrail “medicating” everybody without consent?

To be sent home from school on buses and children and families completely disappeared, is that really true? None, know how all such just “disappeared;” it’s, not popular to get more shot by vaccination; where, it’s obviously seen as a genocidal criminal operation;

Fraud, in statistic deliberately engineered; virus, doesn’t exist yet a useful fear of a spore does if you look into this researcher’s work; is it global news that two point two billion serious adverse reactions can have occurred? This, is only relying upon the use of ‘enemy data;’

None, need to be volunteered underneath criminal actors; who, is below we the people; what’s, deliberately intended to genocide and used we the peoples’ credit; as, a charge needs to be discharged; and, such revenue re-publiced; for, really it’s not just local yet global; okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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