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Title Criminally Taken Is Natural Right Lost Before Your Very Eyes

Where is the title to your property? What's real estate? Does the title of man/woman not relate to you as a living species? What, is the reason why title isn’t used like such and are you aware that describes which doesn’t is you being a son of a per or a daughter of a per or an undivided self? or, a res-id-ant; how about the word combat-ant?

Those, words have been invented by the enemy to society; no, common law natural right exists which only does because such is upheld; you, and i only want to invest in a system in which your private property is protected; if, the title to your real estate which is your bond; which, is you who is the principle of as you are in your living state of unlimited worth; if, a perfected lien against your fiction which is your business was by design to stop you from having a voice in a common court house to settle a claim; so

All, you were left with is no title; yet, a pronoun to identify you as a fiction only; so, as a fiction only you could be joined to other fiction that’s, the crime you see; because, title is the man or woman is from the word from; not, of, or in, or at; so, you see before a crime occurs crime has occured before such and afterward as well forensically; motive, can be seen clearly and it's not for we the people; because, just before DEW weapon gets used on maui in the early part of january two thousand twenty three if you look and see its a “rezoning” site; so

If, you’re in the firezone you’re not going to be allowed to rebuild back what such was; you, burn the people out of town and reduce the peacekeeping police force to make sure the fire by design is to knock out early warning; it’s, microwave that would do that; because, it’s not natural that such equipment is made to withstand microwave energy weapon burst which is observed between fire;

Expert validity exists from a review of the literature; hundreds of patents are relevant to warfare and weapon multiplication; so, could you say that what you see in maui isn’t a crime? With, motive to push an agenda using “its” talking pieces who have property there; yet, to own a city outright its a smart city decided; so

Artificial, intelligence is surveilled of all beloved’s transaction and movement; to, be only digital; and, the slate to do such starts from what is clean for the CORPSE; so, the question in your mind is frankenstein firestorm and weather and deluge drought of extreme now is combined with forecast for what is commercial to be marketably viable; for, the

Fire all see can have burned everyone out; to make the space ready for the new idea; all, goe into debt for some private company owns; like, a speedrail for instance slated to have run through an area; however, the living now no longer; for, it’s, a fundamental transparency that’s lost when you have got alphabet soup land white-washing the scene; so its

Definite, that microwave pulse flashes was verified; also, caught on video camera; its, microwave bursts and it’s during the initial outbreak of the new fire; such, flashes and pulses are not seen afterward at all; yet, heavy in the moment observed; to, correlate with what burned as a pattern which was completely not random; yet, followed the metal infrastructure to make a loop to burn what ordinarily wouldn’t; and, to leave what ordinarily would; so it’s

You feel very bothered because all prying eyes which can observe the crime as the public is kept away; and, what is the method being applied to identify and also manage the victims bodies of the crime? Do you feel that is going to vote well where all see hundreds of investigators for instance that are visiting registration voter fraud; various epicenters of crime of such it’s to cause you to be more alarmed; yet, where does that go?

With, what you find is alphabet soup land has basically carried out a stand down order to shut proper investigation down; as, others arrive those who are verified witness as official all experience to have been silenced; and, where studies never showed any vaccine or any injectable efficacy; and, that such animals injected having been consumed isn’t it that “GMO” is not supposed to be found in any organic food consumed; so

If you're observing, can you say all such isn’t occurring because no application of actual title or right is existed in what’s le-gal which is unlawful; for, isn’t such you see flowing from a river formed? What happens when you and i have cleared away having to have given substance to fiction?


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