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To Cede Sovereignty No Consent Was

Updated: Feb 11

Would you say that millions are not right now under civic confinement and entrapment? The CORPS run by CB-cowo has had a plan we the people would let a fiction play itself over who is living to cede all from a fiction to a fiction; like, under BIS (Bank of International Settlement) inside the UN to have got to WHO; and, this is an example of a uni-lateral party;

Two, parties negotiate long before; any, fictional emergency was; it’s, the lineup of the grifter given a blank check; you, and i would be forced by that stakeholder; it’s, a mainstream partnership strategic with homeland security; and, other alphabet soup land agency;

All, see an utter contradiction because of conflicted interest; for, the story of those who disobeyed someone stationed that told everyone to stay put; yet, the backup behind the checkpoint that you could exit from has thousands trying to flee; yet, can’t go through an exit;

During, the heat all saw locked exit stopping those from going toward blue sky; nothing, was to stop anybody exiting except a police officer who told everybody who told everybody he was “under orders;” on, the ground all saw others getting trapped;

CB-cowo, members sit and what's spoken that's heard is of serious conflicted interest; yet, under the emergency you’re not to look behind the black fence; mystery is; all, saw the blaze re-ignite; that, was where some were on lunch break at the fire department;

Water, wasn’t supplied; warning, wasn’t given; messages, not properly cognizant to consider what’s happened to children went missing; none, can be remained of a donkey driven mind; now, is an opportunity to speak up what you consider important;

All, should touch how certain conflict of interest exists; and, obviously criminal negligence to be genocided; so, going green like thousands of pages already written once some act is passed; those, pages all get placed; what’s, not a popular idea wasn’t of any consent yet the idea is what is holding as agenda thirty;

Many, suffered in civic spying on each other encouraged; yet, everything is below a secret service military intel op placed by the company to direct the clandestine agenda; you’d, be given that job you can hide in the community well; being, poly-cultural and lingual; yet, can you view life more from unity versus what’s frozen?

CB-cowo applies nepotistic rhodonite mercer who got stopped a thousand years ago; who, wants the new khazarian state isn’t cared about having transparency about that; so, just like “Torch California” you’re looking at Lahaina; also, before such Australia, Canada, Greece, Libya, Morocco, Turkey;

All, you’re looking at a set up by CB-cowo; unless you and i take charge, you’re to end up under a mind hive; or, to awaken to the threat; didn't the past weather controllers not wipe all out? What happens when you and i can’t connect in together anymore? Can you assist this father see the charge of genocide discharged?

All, republiced the charge discharged; credit is created as revenue by we the people; all must institute now article IV, article III court; don’t you think you and i need to flip the switch? Love, jubbdavid;


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