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Tracking Black Swan Controllers

Tracking, black swan controllers is pretty easy because they're only one money trail around the globe; there’s, only one group that has the scale of economy to reach across the skies of every nation; controls, the UN also; that’s, why we the people in Maui can have taken notice into their own hands; to, assist mitigate further harm and prosecute, punish, and direct things post haste;

Just, like Iceland who we the people elected a sheriff to investigate; to, have formed a grand jury; which, is the only authority in power over the top of all the fiction below; yet, you’d be hard pressed to say that CB-cowo wouldn’t have empaneled it’s own “company” members otherwise; so

This must be done because it’s the poorer neighborhood that just got snuffed out; and, the records to title also; let’s, all stick together you see; all, would have got split up instead;

All, as we the people have gathered together; for, that’s the story from we the people; all, gathered under oath as juror; and, a setting to declare date and a place; and, for witness where such is sworn in such is authenticated during filing of the claim by the grand jury;

Twenty, six people or more is a grand jury you could look in that has the established subpoena in procedure in considering the scope of the holocaust; sheriffs, are elected in constable to immediately protect we the people; and, it’s from the land as venue as the sheriff’s jurisdiction; where, such occurs is in we the people’s own gathering place where such is; distinct, from as venue any corporate and sheriff jurisdiction itself; for the

Bailiff, is requested to impanel obvious criminal; otherwise, such a large organization as Freemason, and as the “company” would not have any effect; tracking, the black swan controllers you can see perfectly because it’s by what’s being redacted shows nefarious motivation behind such actedness;

Words get shifted around like climate changes; which, “climate changes” is a better word isn’t it? because someone is a climate changer for sure; a, wind tunnel was created two high pressure ridges created and a low pressure zone as a tunnel; which, you could read about in the last article;

Who, would have a scale to perform such on a massive level go beyond a nation; it’s, the climate changers and you’re tracking the black-swan controllers; those, who run the SBX equipment and HAARP; mobile, equipment such can be used to shift wind to cause thunder and lightning;

If, you’re tracking the black swan controllers you're tracking who’s the money behind modifying weather; into, a force multiplier as a weapon; to, increase harm; and, to say, that weather modification isn’t Geo-engineering stratospheric aerosol over a large scale like over the Tibet plateau; also

Tonga, explosion by a weapon does change climate because just put ten percent more moisture takes twenty years to disappear; Geo engineering,” as a term only comes along in nineteen seventy-seven; in, the nineties you see shifted to climate intervention”; “geo engineering sticks as the terms;

None, can say the cloud bank over the Pacific isn’t Geo engineering over a large scale; such, intervention reflects the sun back to space; yet, carbon capture removes supposed greenhouse gas; so, for carbon capture you see a hand over all the nation as a private corporation controlling weather event; and, isn’t tracking the black swan controllers not seen to be acting across many nation the same?

A, corporation It’s credit is taken and controlled; so, a nation like China INC for instance being run by the same hand; blankets, the sky over the Tibetan plateau; it’s, a larger area the size of Spain;

Massive, cloud seeding is called climate intervention; because, it’s impacting a whole world; and, the “mothra effect” which has been more recently coined is really the butterfly effect yet on a large scale; so

You, see fact checkers it’s done by what’s redacted; as, lies of a mission; Project Cirrus in November nineteen forty-six took eleven months to steer a hurricane; and, by nineteen forty-seven to destroy one; you’re looking at experiments which drop one hundred eighty tons of dry ice to steer the hurricane;

You’ve, got portable SBX equipment and HAARP used to steer hurricane; back, in the past you see china lake which had developed cyclone bombs; project storm field was such was about increasing a hurricane to develop evermore; same, crew has DEW weapon; evidence, of files being stolen so title is going to be challenging;

Manuy, anomalies of fire in Maui; yet, there was a high pressure zone unusual which stretched from Japan tokyo all the way to LA west coast turtle island; such, a massive high pressure ridge; and, of course homeland security also as a company has its own weather altering investment; love, jubbdavid;


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