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What Is The Forensic Investigation of What Caused The Fire In Maui?

No, one is going to agree unless an independent investigation is set; and, we the people is the chain of command which selects such to be; would you say coverups haven’t existed? Also, that a nail having been burned a fence post off from the inside is explained properly?

As, to the likelihood of what has to have been present for such to occur; where, crime has possibly been committed what went on before was very relevant and also afterward because it proved to be involved with all of this;

Interrogatory, is communication in a department where a FOIA (freedom of information act) request for; many, are rightfully angry; especially, as it seems many are being sold out; which, can explain the motive possibly; if, a claim existed and an official saw that like before covid for instance; being, asked if one could produce such it can’t; so, it doesn’t look like any due diligence has been done does it; so

If, you’re rich in Maui for instance and you used security teams to show no mercy or refuge to who was homeless; no one, else was been to throttle victims who had shelter temporarily; which, was a small piece of land; though, EMP is certain as a weapon and equipment is to be setup to give warning of such; for, this is the new equipment;

If, in a context, an unpopular idea was where no one caring for the idea for support that idea could have their land just grabbed from them; wouldn’t, be right would it? Of course not; especially, when no idea is being under microwave surveillance as a detention center called a “smart-city;”

If just two of the largest corporations in the world own the energy holding and all else as well; who’s, then also the beneficiary? Would that be the largest supporter of the gained land grab?

Of, course far too much coincidence exists which a construct also context also other expert agree with fact which is reproducible; which, it perfectly explains all fire anomaly if that's added in; yet, doesn’t if it’s not;

Asphalt, tar, surface of road not melted yet blocks and winds did; wasn’t fire used to burn out food facilities? Some hundred of those occurred over the last twelve months in all sorts of fire; in, greece and canada all see directed energy weapon; what’s, non kinetic can heat a target with precision, microwave laser; also, particle and sand beam;

Laser, is used to change the weather; such, is being used more than nine years ago; trillion watt laser can cause rain and lightning; “Operation Popeye” in Vietnam War grain is used as a weapon Lockheed Martin also Northoup and Grunem have military weapons available;

Is DEW scientifically ruled out? If it wasn’t is that the same reason why no one has seen a claim to not have banned the jab? What happens when all have just gone along with a fake control? It’s, the climate change has forty six point four billion been spent? Isn't there livestock and carbon emissions tax?

All, tax such a patent is done to collect that and calculate such; someone has got a spigot on that by making some money having designed the process; so, is all your experience another lock-down mass-mania once again? For, of course if you look at the fire scene what’s completely inconsistent with a bush fire is the soft tissue unscathed; where, ceramic completely is white ash; so

Where water was withheld notice not given; barricades blocked to exit; sirens, set not to go off; children, to be at home where possible no adult supervision was; you, can feel of course the anger at how a hand seems to be above all happening; especially, where conflicted interest is obvious; and, where no attempt is made to look at the anomaly which shows a true coverup going on;

Keep, in mind that in Iraq in nineteen ninety one a few AC130 an A-10, an Apache Helicopter acted as an aerial platform; which, saw over two thousand vehicles burnt the same look where a DEW weapon has been used; love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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