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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Written on the Road by jubb david

Religion, not solving affairs practical of account not taken by that religion; yet, a mate you make is safe you overcome an enemy; for, violence ongoing endures nothing; this, is i be your connection; children, with beginning shall you have war against war real of a carry-on; a, world in peace you awaken to? Being, kin to humiliation for an honored self; can, feel i am a mystery; a, being always had it;

Your, self opposition controlled is a bank directing your own currency; a, single bloke basically wields that; the, auxiliary alternative; yet, only an evil pro-claimed; to, venue a banker’s media house; as, a talk show; and, history hersterically told; while, power is stupidly manipulated of your service in idiot useful compromised non- domiciled opposition; and, currently is the nature of an extremely screwed up system; Eclipse, is about world necessitated reform in banking; thus, a full solar eclipse august twenty first 2017 kicks of a verifiable count for bank reform via a moratorium for one year from the lunar eclipse in 2018 January 31st to January 21st 2019; such, that no new policy in banking be made by government; till, all know how currency is created;

An, eclipse count begins as stated august 21st 2017; with, a full solar eclipse; and, the count is complete one week before the start of the moratorium January 23rd 2017; and, a common law notice be given to the pro-vost marshal or equivalent of such;

Eclipse action plan clears away usury once and for all time; and, is about forming a government; and, dissolving what has been only a dejure management; Eclipse, is better organized resourced educated experienced leaderless movement to restore common law; and, constitutional currency;

Eclipse, rids all monopolies; to, stop controlled lead opposition; to, stop a century of bank whore caused war; via, your’s and mine acquiescence;

Stopping, opposing sides being used as pawns merely; in, the service of a hand above government of a power manipulated; knowing, resourced physical american/ anglo means empowered via your and my care for a stable currency; in, perpetuity; once, and for all time; you, can see a proper re-set; and, end of debt based negative economic inductance; Eclipse, identifies all controlled opposition; for, fear, uncertainty, and doubt; no fear, no uncertainty, and no doubt be fostered via eclipse in serving you; torture, immorally allowed only pre-pares for a post traumatic condition imposed; a, theater called demonacracy an experiment some beloved had acquiesced to be by default; so, an animal herder as a master manchurian is only a banker styled puppet;

Eclipse, is an ongoing power consolidation; via, a huge vacuum existing at the moment; is, organized by Eclipse movement that’s based upon ethic, common law, and epistemological maximum; common law; and, ecclestical maximum; an, organized movement with a spiritual text; that, is about you going through a state preparation for being an agent for change; yet, controlled opposition equals nothing having ever added up; so, no real informed consent had existed; isms are all evil; today, in america you have a form of marxist socialism; an, end to you and i allowing cycles of pre-meditated bust and boom private banker cartel invented; crisis, and solution offer is over after eclipse has had it’s effect;

All, can see a state failed that’s very synthetic only; and, one also carved artificially; yet, apparently genuine more; a, name as a separate address; an, under result similar directed a side each to point; Eclipse, stops the chatter unique sold agenda flown by two wings once and for all time;

Eclipse, proposes a new server called dot alm; to, observe a common law check and balance on government; social, engineering be stopped as very evil; also, the idea one owns the sky is atrocious; or, land as a monopoly; and, can fake news; a, coalition’s formed where the root of the grass is artificial has only sown seeds of distraction; and, a collapsing dull whore into financial martial law you don’t jump on board and assist eclipse, ok; love, jubb david xxx


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