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Zero Point Energy and Colloidal Biology Part 4

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Zero Point Energy and Colloidal Biology Part 4: Biophotonic Lifecolloid. Infection and DIS-EASE. Dr. David Jubb 11 September 2011 Oslo, Norway

Healthy cells of the body can on the other hand become biophotonically infected by a disease state. Cellular disease is a disease effecting lifecolloid organelle making up the cell interior. Any good event; and also trauma to lifecolloid virtual state flux can have also radiated its pattern into atomic nuclei of physical matter. All that was needed was a slight continuous entrainment of the cell organelle to that radiation and atomic nuclei can one by one become entrained until that pattern breaches the lifecolloid organelle carrying capacity; then physical changes occur to the cell.

In colloidal biology a tenant discovered by a meticulous investigation by differential analysis microscopically, with sophisticated lighting techniques is that fermentative dysbiotic lifecolloid in the body can be down regulated by natural forces back to a double spore building block stage which can then become, through AFD process, a red blood corpuscle. In turn those double spore building blocks of the red blood corpuscle can by AFD into any cell interior lifecolloid organelle and cell; all lifecolloid organelle; and further up also as a cell as necessary at the site of injury.

Even ultra violet light from the sun can assist clear dysbiotic infection of the blood. A terminal infection can be assisted to heal by biophotonic ultraviolet light rays. The author has assisted numerous AIDS cases who have healed up and or totally learned to manage. Yet, extension of life is guaranteed if you become educated in colloidal biology as set out here in. All is down regulated back to healthy blood; all is done without harming any healthy cells and all is done to boost nature not with synthetics.

You can be present as this healing energy is applied here in. Yet all know that radiation, slashing, poison and synthetics mostly cause more harm. Under the present banking system what is credit to another and debt to you is given only. That cannot be given easily and has debt to you.

It is well known that nurses tending the healing of face surgery often get bloody faces in return from this sympathetic vibration. You have to care much more about the big picture; don’t sweat petty stuff; nor pet sweaty stuff; stuff like that. Getting a very slightly higher than normal sun dose then that of applying biophotonic radiation can increase the effect of that biophotonic radiation. Also temperature increases enhance all signature imprints. You know silica magnifies its imprinted signature; All colloid of life act as clathrate in cell cleansing. You can have good success if you can do rotations playfully after assimilating natural biophotonic lifefood element. A good four to six hours of natural sunlight is critical in a natural healing environment as is also complete darkness and rest at night. You use interest and create whole brain synchrony and charge up the amplitude (strength) of your body current; or not. But if the brain is charged up after loss then harmfully radiated; that incident of symbiotic vibration can be a straw that broke the camel’s back in the same way. Otherwise amping up. The sun, moon, planet and cosmos causes daily variation; better result occurs in more warmer months; and less than excellent results incur more in damp, wet, cold and acid conditions. When winds of proton, positively charged ion settle over the environment; such can make results not as successful. Yet, you should create this type of healing environment.

As geopathic stress was and electromagnetic smog and dirty electricity; poor relations was; and lack of resource; or focus on resource; but, only on the problem or what’s not working. How things are framed and stated codes DNA in your body. Variation occurs to the virtual biophoton substructure lifecolloid organelle; and input from music, play, the sound of water, the moon, the crickets and the season; all effect and affect. Things growing in the air or earth; growing toward sunlight; or away and even the celestial bodies transform in heaven; anionic energy is in and up and cationic energy is a spinning down and out. Positive and negative nuclei prefer certain spin; and magnetic gravetic fields. Even sun spot and asteroid disturb biophotonic radiation of nuclei by geomagnetic disturbance. A fluctuating biophotonic entrainment can become imprinted within the atomic nuclei and then biophotonic radiation carries information between lifecolloid. Biology is cyclotronic and sympathetic vibration is about entrainment as an oscillating circuit with inductance and capacitance. A harmless, non lethal agent can as it was combined with dysbiotic biophotonic radiation impact the overall matrix of the lifecolloid. Vitality is enhanced by lifefood biophotonic radiation; if you clear up blockage at the bile level and clear away inflammation of the intestinal tract. Otherwise those nasty phase conjugated scalar biophotonics could sneak up on you.

Faster than light is negative time in the fourth dimension; and light we see is positive time. Your cell organelle life colloid when fully charged from nuclei can emit an exact harmonic back to cancel harmonic vibration that was less than vital. Clean energy can create a circuit that energizes your biophotonic field; or not. Your body is designed to ward off disease. Give your body rest, fast and nature wants to heal you up; ok.

In the field of the center of atomic nuclei and colloid of life is an instant connective center to center point. Biophotonic scalar biopotentiating and invigorating energy is about your longer life vs shorter life. Lifefood and Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation and whole brain functioning can vitalize immunity, cell respiration and repair; or not. You can find a holographic three dimensional whole transform of the body in every other part biophotonically; as you also can non-locally anywhere by oscillatory tuning by applied radionics.

The author has learned to read the body like a book. One tuned in such a way can remote view. Vitality can finally be innerstood in terms of colloidal biology and biophotoelectrogravetic; which is a brand new science of knowing how to care for the body. Life radiates zero point vector biophotoelectrogravetic waves. Thus a tiny seed of an orchid can easily deal with ordinarily deadly radiation.

Lifefood has a charge pattern designed to charge up your body via nuclei activated biophotonics and boosting immunity. Your body continuously is biophotonically inoculating against pathogenic vibration entrainment. Get rid of banking as it is so people own the money supply, not a private person and new technology can be released today.

The virtual state master control system in the body involves the vestibular system that controls electrogravetic tone, and this by way of biophotonic scalar wave is connected to all. Lifecolloid do not live in a permanent state of no change but a very dynamic homeostasis. The author has clinical empirical evidence and supplies the reader with colloidal biological insight of symbiosis of lifecolloid and also pleomorphism (many changing forms of a life cycle) of the colloid of life. A phase conjugated signal sent biophotonically to pathology is all that is needed to down regulate fermentative lifecolloid back to building block double spore which can become healthy blood by AFD process. The body and biology relies upon phase conjugation of biophotoelectric gravetic effect, and all sorts of dis-ease vibrations can be wiped out. The body applies a mortal oscillatory rate to clear lifecolloid dysbiosis by its own bicarbonate and weak organic acid. Limb regeneration can become more common; hair, bone, skin and nail luster can return as lifecolloid cellular substructure become charged up. Only interference occurs to abnormal element as your scalar control transform is entrained by lifecolloid biophotonic potentiation.


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