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Zero Point Energy and Colloidal Biology Part 5

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Dr. David Jubb 11 September 2011 Oslo, Norway

Vitality is a complex layered biophotonic charge. It is given a body by tachyon internal energy of the nuclei; as indicated here it differentiates what is you and what is not. Red blood corpuscle and lifecolloid differentiate and de-differentiate by biophotoelectric gravetic energy change. Your body’s plasma body converts transverse waves into scalar waves and ELF waves. Your body’s plasma body produces phase conjugated biophotonic radiation; this as the phantom leaf experiment. Millions of mechanisms rely upon a phosphatase and kinase; these enzymes transfer phosphorus removing them. For the body to have its proper magnetotactic-ness to remove phosphorus ions, Jubb’s lifecolloid probiotic puts into your intestinal garden what’s missing; it’s proper phytoplankton and also a wide collection of lifecolloid with the ability to eat iron and convert that to nano, particle smaller than nine atoms, so crystallization doesn’t occur, and complex that small cluster with humic and fulvic acid. That nutrient then participates in really moving things around down there with magnetic nano particle. This is either magnetite or greigite; for its crystal; biological transmutated, monodisperse and is highly magnetizable.

The intestinal flora has lithophillic bacteria that are transient. Yet, most modern humans live in a surgically sterilized pasteurized environment. Yet, nano particle is vital in lifecolloid being able to move phosphorus around and dissolve it also by negative north polarity. Yet mineral can only assist in cell machinery of the body that is complexed thus by carbon that allows element to gain or easily lose a charge. Mineral particle stabilization and its very formation require this carbon envelope, magnetosome found in lifecolloid organelle.

Magnetosome is found in Jubb’s lifecolloid probiotic. Lifecolloid probiotic has nanoparticle element that assist to ecosteralize biofilm and also draw particle element to neoplastic tissue site. The body loads smart particle with element that can down regulate mold in the tissue and body. Blood corpuscle can be of a little less or more water volume of the blood and it is assisted to be kept level with element in sun dried sea salt. An aqueous extract of organic silica powder put into light lemon drink can also greatly assist, as does MSM powder. Positive magnified charge incurs element complexed more by silica. Both DNA and RNA are actually doped highly negatively charged double spore building blocks and easily absorb to all cell membrane. Magnotite lifecolloid is effective in causing lifecolloid layers to be able to stay closed or separated from each other. Also it pulls all heavy metal out in the intestine, and connective tissue.

Adding lifecolloid probiotic can show enzyme activation 50 times higher and much longer catalytic activity in your intestinal garden you are wrapped around. You increase magnetization and also increase surface to volume ratio. Jubb’s probiotic can’t be squeezed or compressed into itself; yet will dissolve into the skin. The amount of magnetosome in Jubb’s probiotic lifecolloid is miniscule yet highly energized by biophotonic radiation of phytonutrient from the forest and also some substance like oxygenated dibenzopyrene that is always around when an enormous supply of energy is required as in testies and ovarian function, and brain and liver function.

Silica nanoparticles envelop and amplify signal strength emitted by potentiated nuclei of lifecolloid organelle interior of a cell and a red blood corpuscle. Blood so imbued with silica has a superior loading capacity making an elastic surface tension and with other element can make up a gaseous liquid crystal membrane in outerspace.

Magnetotactic bacteria (MTB’s) surrounded by a membrane of silica as indicated powerfully amplifies its biophotonic effect. Coccoid, rod-shaped, spirilloid and multicellular are unique kinds of MTB’s. MTB’s love to join into strings and arrange themselves parallel to each other aligning head to tail to aggregate dipole internal magnetic movement to be more set to the external field. This allows greater sensitive alignment in the magnogravetic field.

Lifecolloid as MTB’s have consciousness of what direction it is to the north and south pole and symbiotically gives this skill to an organism it lives within; for instance we have an ethmoid organ behind the nose that is with MTB’s and the body’s own lode stone crystal apparatus sensitive to electromagnetic pulses coming from the earth’s crust that assist to set ultradian cycle of the body. That is another story..

Altering nuclear process of our cells can incur as a sufficient structured potential is built; the body produces scalar waves which irradiate the body applying phase conjugate waves. Biology is cyclotronic and open, not closed. Use of phase conjugation in biology allows negative entropy and our species to continue. In the vacuum, change becomes imprinted into negative time. You can eat all the dead food you like, yet vitality will decrease over time unless you eat lifefood.

Life element placed externally can cause a pronounced benefit showing a biophotonic rather than chemical mechanical effect. When you bring in antioxidant and oxidant it immediately alters electrics of your blood and brain. This is an effect mediated by biophotonic energy. As all impacts behavior you could say it is biophotonic. Love causes phase conjugation between the hemispheres of the brain; and this brings about more light and magnetics in your body. A greater amplitude of electricity is available by practicing whole brain functioning; being “I aware”; for the opposite is seeking love outside. You become an energy vampire, full of a perception of lack to get more and seriously lacking electricity. Appreciate even the smallest gift. Conserve your natural resource, so you can remain attentive to your body. Your mind being in divine alignment with emptiness is peace and harmony created and lived. Most look at the world through a filter of “fear of not getting”. Aversion would have used fear as your filter to see through. Your attitude sums it up to all that it can occur.

What is funny and causes your playfulness gives you electricity. Joyful is in giving, not taking. Your greatest power is in your “being” not “controlling”. You can start shrinking thinking and learn to stop thinking. Distortion of thinking otherwise controls the ego. Choose to have action not re-action and/or over reaction. That element having the most flexibility in the system is the controlling element in the system. As you love self you are loving and understanding. As you innerstand self you are innerstanding; as you have this you have self, or not. You have electricity, or not. As your two hemispheres cycle as one you increase your body’s electrical amplitude. You have a quiet and lengthened inspiration. _________________ When You're Here, You're Family }:-)


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