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Asymmetric Warfare Around The Globe

A hundred ninety-two nation exist which all of them are bankrolled by one hand; the, same hand that formed the UN for its own self not you or i; and, every alphabet soup land agency as well; modern, warfare is asymmetric fought; it’s, unconventional means to have achieved neutralizing a considered enemy;

Would it be an enemy to see that birth, death, and marriage records were disturbed by criminals interested in children? Because, the largest intrusion by the criminals was for the year two thousand fourteen; back, to two thousand nine;

Buses hold a specific number of children; where are all the buses? And, each bus has been tracked; and, it’s the buses that bussed or did not bus school children?;Questions, that relate to what happened to children is first not second in your speech and in your direction; because, this is most important to family being ethical is to priority of subject to society; so.its by no, other topic which can be discussed honestly where a subject matter relates to children; this always has first priority;

To, grand stand the number of the “missing” and to place it always at a dribled amount to underplay the tragedies of the family and the republic of hawaii; especially, when people enjoy fruits and vegetable in a warm village atmosphere is of no thought whatsoever about being in a microwaved concentration camp instead surveilled; this, is called a “smart-city;”

What’s, over the top of all alphabet soup land is currency being directed; and, as a monopolized media never characterizes the common enemy just to polarize and cause we the people not to be received of what you and i selected; which, that’s what is supposed to be not any other way; and, so the peril of funding a war for instance is laundering currency; and, all the fires all over the earth and the same thing as a black-swan done so you can’t recover; to

Attend, to proper domestic and international relation; the, modeled statistic is a fraud that kicked covid off; meanwhile as an ongoing criminal pattern whats stolen keep in mind is trillions of dollars which still to this day is still missing fro the pentagon announced before nine-eleven; it’s, as an ongoing pattern had also a stand down order from above not to investigate crime; all you see then is crime gets emboldened like after the franklin cover up nothing properly investigated when a mixed psyops is done mixed with reality all to as a pattern remained purposefully uninvestigated; a

Nail, inside a fence burnt the fence; jet, fuel doesn’t melt steel; and, the world trade center complex buildings that were dropped all had engineering within to fall down into its own footprint in the way it was built;

Keep, in mind “Project Blue Beam;” pixels, in and pixels out is the time you’re living in; it’s, unethical and not common law; you, deceive everyone by making it legal which you could have psyop operation; in, a time of emergency to have quorum sensing work it’s not a time you remove liberty; yet

You, do see a two tiered system in the court system; who, gets funded and who doesn’t; your, activity before and after a crime is contextually connected by events; which, cannot be existed from statistical oddity; that, for instance it’s one thousand nine hundred percent not likely; it’s, not possible statistically that the head of FEMA emergency could be found in Maui weeks before this having a meeting about what?

You, see transparency is important; only, an article III or IV court where transparency must be; for, whatever corporation itself is dysfunctional it’s we the people who is the government; who, is it that all corporation who can visit what is irregular; where, a charge exists can discharge the charge; for it’s

We, the people who select the future; you’re, not under the big MIKE as a corporation; so, from a false claim of contagion isn’t cash disappearing and also liberty all done on you by a false emergency? One, state has banned the jab and seen all as wicked of that which is behind the genocidal orchestrated plandemic; the, whole funding was done with unlawful procedure of a soaring horse technique; the

Six, six six Bill put forward by Bobby Rush was never not given vetting time; which, is unlawful; and, wouldn’t you say what you’re reading via a monopolized media is always of a monologue isn’t a component of asymmetric warfare tact; which, controls from having infiltrated regulatory and commercial sense of power; because, a false claim of contagion voting wasn’t verified; and, it was a problem because all saw how fraud could easily could be not committed with mail in ballot;

Black-swan, event is designed to make no sufficient supply of credit; apparently, all want to get ready for the next scariant; it’s, a dirty toxin once the immune system has already been compromised how can such death be called unexplained when it isn’t; it’s, asymmetric warfare on you what’s deviant outright having been made normalized; like

If, you’re a victim you’re condition is gaslighted like you’re doing things to yourself; alphabet, soup land is here instead and you’re getting a service and you’re paying us to do it; is, what you hear; it’s, called Alphabet soup land awardees; which, is equal to pediatric (children) various lucrative contract; not, a care to have a unified focus relative on trauma and assisted processing of such; your lucrative contracts spent on infrastructure; not, we the people as the real estate; but, standby and let BC bonds get plundered and userfructed from;

Many things were ordered beforehand; the, cost were maximal more in quantity; and, directed currency is being used; you’ve got to see it; you’ve got all these big corporations; they’re spending it and where are you you’re looking at that now; you’re the victim;

It’s, an uninterrupted pattern at the moment which is criminal unless stopped; truckers, on the ground you should know one state has banned the jab; and, many are considering to do the same; is, what is going on where you are a mere rearrangement of furniture in the upstairs room?

It's apparent that what’s appropriate which is sufficient which is funded is that going toward what is clandestine instead? First, you must do a forensic analysis of the fact verified; which, relates to explain how a nail in a fence can have burned the fence from the inside out; so

How much rioted resistance can you remember? You don't consider the mass hesitancy is like people having been driven in a circle because the roadblocks that blocked beloved to the fire seemed to be manned by those unrecognizable in a small town? Wouldn’t you always have an independent investigation?

How long ago did Pearl Harbor Happen? JFK was murdered; a single bullet story is a lie; you, don’t think it’s the same? Like a bushfire can’t explain how the nails is one burnt fence down but the wood wasn’t burnt from the outside; you, can only follow a lawful order you have an oath to we the people as an official; not, the other way around; love, jubbdavid;


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