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Balance Is Given You By Your Referential Index and Orientation

A fifty fifty relation exists between your being able to access information from yourself fifty percent; fifty percent being able to access information from outside yourself; defining where the information is coming from also who the information is going to can often not be of a proper balance; in, between what you’re doing within yourself also where your focus is outside to receive such having this be defined;

  1. The toltec shaman on turtle island taught apprentice how to remain in balance; how, most will look at you to see you have balance is by having developed pattern recognition to look for the condition of where who is defined; as, a referential index, fifty percent internal fifty percent external, information is directed by yourself also others in a fifty fifty balance;

  2. Orientation is to do with your disposition; a balance existing fifty fifty in attention also direction existing for what is inside, internal; versus, external; so,

Balance is all can feel you’re giving consideration in what you’re doing when you’re not giving the other any consideration; obviously most like your neighbor you see you have something which could be more in balance; your referential index also orientation, which is how you use your vestibular sense, is a subject brought up here for you to consider; for, it is the very area where most beloved can be sensed as not being properly balanced;

For, where there is a lack of who also defining where information is come from; a flow exists between internally also externally “conditioning”; a, lack of balance can also have also been in the orientation taken always; one, can not have balance because one was always focused on a selfie not considering others; or, one was totally externalizing everything; so,

Where something is out of balance in these two areas as a pattern, it is a preferred mode of sorting; it is the very area where balance can be refined; for instance, where a missing referential index could exist, an entity (a fiction) can be no one behind such; one, can not know who is being defined as to who the message is come from also who is it meant for; it’s, the actually condition where a violation can often be;

It, is the usual violation causing a listener to feel some sense of restrictedness; also, a sense of information possibly, probably, not being credible; where, face validity doesn’t exist, also fallacious forms of reasoning is also, one is not going to appear too much as any credible witness; it, is a typical thing one can have applied in one’s own syntax an out of balanced orientation; having a missing referential index; as, someone who is assisting, the very area you can look to assist to cause balance more in what is done;

For, you care as i to put forward what is credible be sensed evermoor as credible; so, can you see what challenge arises where a subject from a sentence as to what is defining the sentence? or, who is missing; where, any comparator is you’re taught you have to have an observational reference point to have made a comparison; many, can be making comparison without an observational reference point as a base; so,

As, a lack of referential indexing can have been applied; while, purpose for a benefit one can have done so for a presupposing information; one, is bypassing conscious objection; a, missing referential index can be used so the conscious mind could be confused; for, an ORDER could have been to occupy also reducing the conscious mind’s influence;

A, message can be given to the other than conscious self; such, is placed selectively for the purpose of allowing positive synesthesia to be taken on, as a suggestion; for, a message can been given to you, two or three levels away; often, that is done by the use of a missing referential index; for instance, the customer ID could be fictional, a legal fiction, or could be a real true name; sounds the same when spoken;

Alphabet soup land also is a fiction, isn’t it? It can’t get hurt because it is an “it;” being a fiction; for, you could be assisted also by use of missing referential index to have ease of ability to go from one perspective to another;

In balance, brain function also pattern syntax applied allows you to model, for instance how another may consider some perspective; vestibular meta modality also all other sub modality of an issue can create needed transformation; for, one is to attach to their ongoing experience the meaningfulness of the metaphor; has to do such more internal; for, where missing referential index is logic isn’t; yet,

Some message is being received; so, a name or phrase used assumedly is put apparently being of a real world entity; yet, isn’t living not being real; doesn’t have a centralized organized nervous system like alphabet soup land for instance; such, doesn’t have a centralized nervous system, could be masquerading around with who is living; for, who is real, an “it” is a fiction being dead; so,

Where one is looking at an example of where the subject is, also who is defined; a missing referential index is; this, is where you, who is real, becomes the center moore of this story; to respond of course to be consistent being purposeful you’re acting appropriately in any given situation; you show you have a flexibility to be able to go what is positive also negative; yet,

Someone who is an externalizer only could have had orientation triggered as a preferred mode of being challenged as a behavior response; in, youth also maturity to have directed such to be more externalized on the environment also who is around one who is not in balance; one, does not modify with new information given; which, it should modify the view had; when, not showing cognitive dissonance; one, has ad hominem approach in arguing;

One, might look for what doesn't’ fit in the set or is observer; one, could be controlling showing all such by when one leaves; or, could have been distracted interrogatory so one’s model more is engaged in intimidation; these, are forms of negation; “breaking the rules;” having, physical aggression, having verbal also nonverbal displayed perpetually in an oppositional defiance; in, controlling all to remain adaptive; yet,

Where, balance is pleasantry is too; where, someone is out of balance, typical it is quick the knee-jerk reflex to be in an adverse state; yet, not to get ahead in life; for, who does get ahead achieving things is in a preferred state caring to remain integrated; one, cares to be more congruent, also associated; with, such one is learning achieving having recognition; also, growing; so

Balance being describes what is face valid which is felt, heard, or seen; such, is general to have a valid structure; also, context such fits; certain it is, such is repeatable; so, the degrees of validity of an individual's perception which is about others also, objects as “things”, is a fairly accurate approximation as an inner map held for the actual territory; for, many behaviors you'd agree is learned from our environment; for,

What is innate is inherited; such, factor can be seen to have very little influence on behavior; breathing, is of course something; yet, grooming is rest; so, you can see behavior is because of some state of induction engaging what is precognitive; for, language is imitated which can be applied; alongside operant conditioning; a, balanced beloved in behavior which really isn’t balanced you as well as i see clearly;

Certainly, where one has a response which typically never looks inside self as an orientation; perpetually externalizing all incurred response is a orientation of being where no real balance of center point which is absolute as empty space is; for, it would be ordinary, simple; you’d, see care wrapped around this empty center; typical in balance you see the mind empty; for, the user is simple; as

A, pane of glass as a window; for, such is perfectly transparent where all can pass through; your mind remains receptive where such malleable plasticity is structural; for, such is a caused elegenage inside some which can become evermore hardwired overtime; an, immaturity as we’ve said you can observe, you will see the preferred mode of beloved is only externalizing everything to see how one had been “acted upon;” yet,

Not to have been given any consideration even the focus of attention in ones response; yet, in balance should be at least fifty percent; yet, someone who is an externalizer is quick-smart knee jerk to act out on you; who, is there typical has behavioral responses ready; all, around this beloved typically have to be ones whipping post; for, one could typically be of hostility being aggressive;

This, could be of such beloved not being integrated yet where the preferred pattern is not anything but inner anxiety; for, where you’re looking at an internal preoccupation or disposition what is present is due to one’s trait; also, some feeling where one is owed or something is due; for, such situational factor as a preferred mode of sorting information always isn’t sensed to be balanced at all; yet, an insane lack of perfect detachment; such

Habit, hardwired often isn’t really observed; so, one can have not had ease of ability to remain associated more in life; to, be integrated with others; to have had congruent experience in parallel sorting; one, is social more; so, the key point in this article is you’ve been taught there are two types of behavior which relate to balance; one. is your referential indexing; the other, is: your orientation;

Balance is seen where you show consideration; when you don’t it can be a theft of energy; certainly not social; even, pirating; the, Toltec tradition of the shaman in a sachem here on turtle island you can apprentice; that you did, you would encounter these principals which would be taught to you you could assist others as well as your self model moor balanced way of being; you can leave random acts of kindness behind; you, can be living more what you speak, and speaking more what you’re living next; love jubbdavid


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