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Being Beyond Memory and Experience

Do you have a teacher teaching you about consciousness? Has anyone asked you who you are? For, many are into name, place, and time; which, is the reason why most beloved don’t visit much with their family; for, being is beyond a memory and an experience which is very fictional; you as well as I are rewarded more for how present you are; one’s conscientiousness and practiced deep listening being receptive;

For, being honest is beyond memory and experience; for, are you not this self? Is this not you who is real aware of perception in this void which is the present? To, be unwrapped happening spontaneously, quietly, without any interference; such, is the work of the rock tirelessly being drawn to be centered; of course, one comes into the world and is experiencing complete states of bliss in a meditative ongoing flow uninterrupted basically;

Where, in the mind nothing is up or down; simply, a plateaued state just before peaking which is called bliss; of, course peaked would be ecstasy; so, what is just turned on and turned off is certainly not permanent; it is certain that there is no knowing is where any cause or effect is; it’s missing where memory isn’t present to measure nor what needs to be imagined to recall an experience; such, of course as you should know is truly fictional relative to who is present;

For, in an I awareness state of being you’ve shifted the locus to control; such, is beyond the mind and body; for, nothing being inside, nothing is I this empty space eternal which is the void; which, exists to be able to witness anything; this, is I which is nothing except care; which, is something; which, is really this which is eternal, formless; it’s, certainly not a “thing;”

Being, beyond memory and experience; being, this is you who is real who is aware of perception; that’s, not a “thing;” for, isn’t it what’s fictional that stopped; you, stopped giving your substance to such; for, such was only in the past mistakenly haven been given; for, this I here now who is real all is quested; to, be who I am; which, is to re-bell in the beginning; to, have such persistence and perseverance which wins out;

For, it’s this happy face inside self; which, is the pursuit of the changeless bliss; which, appears changeful only in the mind; for, I awareness which is this which is eternal about you is standing within you, before and beyond your mind; having, an empty center with what matters which is care you certainly care not at all for what you don’t want; pleasure, and pain is a measured response where bliss isn’t;

For, it’s in your mind which is measuring where I awareness no such was existed; for, awareness is even over your deep deepest sleep; someone, becomes aware of such as all inadvertence going on during wakefulness is completely eliminated; so, such a long-term interval of ignorance that has been is now absent; for, mindlessness is as deep sleep; as, you become aware the mind is asleep;

For, this as you’re eliminating such a long-term interval of ignorance you’re building all which can outlast; so, cloud my teacher would say even confusion is a powerful strategy; the, mind applies to scramble; to, clear what’s not useful to make a space for what is; for, what comes in after such that’s congruent becomes imprinted; why, not learn how to use a ‘punch reframe?’

The, mind could have been set up to perceive ‘something certain;’ for, at the very end of the story what’s originally perceived as a “condition” is suddenly reframed; could, be more positive; it’s, not possible to say this i already is present witnessing the birth of this body; also, it’s passedness; for, can you live this way now? Can you say beforehand and afterward a mind, memory, a body is gone, i awareness is remained?

Reality is beyond a body; and, certainly beyond consciousness; can you not say I am nothing which is said which can say you’re not? If you examine wakefulness the mind is completely full of gaps; blanked, transient, even long-term amnesia; for, what’s blanked out such is deleted; or, distorted; incorrectly generalized; for, how much is it one could remember anyway when awake?

For, a memory gap isn’t yet a gap though in awayness; and, a nonconscious state simply is of some lacked continuity; where, memory is all as active experience; much, chatter is only nerve to nerve; little to be any of it is actual nerve to muscle; beyond is beyond the body and the mind; and, then that’s it;


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