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Branding Truthful Decent

If, you are from a spiritual condition which says you don’t care for anything non-ecological to be put as battery against your will medically or legally; because, no consideration was given you at all; you’d, see if it was but it’s not; it’s, not equivalent for what’s been taken out; so

Someone, who is for natural immunity is called an “anti-vaxxer” for instance; someone, who is for common law can be BRANDED as a “nationalist” or “fascist;” as

All, gets blocked off and all look back and see what’s noted it’s like everything now is behind a black wall veil in Lahaina; for, the global view isn’t the view the community has; none, selected a smart-city so the whole island would be surveilled; so like

The, black wall setup fast like what was already ordered such could be so fast; as a metaphor; for, a perfect storm wouldn’t you agree is in a predator’s environment of official misconduct?

Utter, conflicted interest covered up fiasco of the past; to, be involved in the same cover up; where, a psyops is mixed with reality; a, massive influx of the corpse; noted, to be controlled as a world view as the STATE; note, under a constitutional oath; yet

To have struck your safe harbor and passage without a claim; only, an emergency decree; so, isn’t it that all look back from a paddle-out and all they’re looking at is a black curtain and mystery for you is that right? It’s

A pattern of branding truth along with it; it's a criminal because it’s a dealt ad hominem retaliation against a whistleblower; so, a CB-cowo influence isn't really protecting yours or my private property is it?

Isn’t, it a message that you’re supposed to be happy; we, the people is mixed; all, is removed; all, such procedure is redacted; and, a design all see isn’t of any procedure from the land as people; so it’s

Legal and medical battery that’s rife; only, an ID as a legal fiction not a title any right proper flows from; you, join with a legal fiction yet the living has to give with anyone else’s fiction to join with you fiction; so

Branded, truthfully sent is retaliation; showing, prejudice and motive behind a crime; for, the living can only join with the living; none, agreed to have what’s dead put above your head as a corpse acting from a code where the controllers of CB-cowo’s discretion is had instead;

Fascism, is drafting your attention also substance to be given to a franchised legal name that a third party interloper is exacting a leg over that CORPS; so, you’re looked at as a DEBTOR as an infant dicedent; you’re, only looked at to have a duty and a privilege as a corpse; this is fascism; because, you the living who has a central organized nervous system is not; so

You’re, looking at asymmetrical warfare hype not about unity yet separation; yet, where you’re split up you’re looking at being taken over that’s a bad idea; when, given two alternatives neither satisfy you; that’s, a strawman argument; in, a chain of command there could be not a crime of slippery slope for reason; for

Common, parties nepotistic bias is existed in controlled seat of the state; for, such bought office is a financial control is a corporatized nation; stripping, all to be left as pion globally; such is a systematic assumed title as noted such is redacted; which, is your title; and, removing the title of wo/man from any document; which, isn’t law from the land; it, doesn’t have proper venue to make law; you’d, only have fictional code instead; yet

A, body formed from the land and selected for what’s carried out can’t be challenged change; a, proper venue as a counter-claim discussed; for, the chain of command that’s existing for we the people; yet

Not, where CB-cowo nepotism is present in government offices; which such control doesn’t represent even a small fraction of the ethnicity of those which such discretion influences radically; so

Where, you’re looking at the bond recently amnesia it’s really anti-colonial sentiment; like, truck drivers in canada; for, CB-cowo is of it’s own self appointed control and uses your credit against all of us for its own controllers wishes discussed privately way ahead of time instead;

It, leaves no room in a picture; yet, we the people is above such fiction; to, look at venue you start to impart the word “from;” and, so you can look at what you’ve done you can see how it’s a criminal pattern of BRANDING; truly, seekers descending from what's unlawful to have a motive behind such; to, fulfill the end of a deal with conditions ongoing; which is of

A, chain of command properly; for, what’s moderated can’t be remained starved of revenue; and, it’s the activity of we the people in article IV and III court; for, it’s truthful decent you see branded;

If, it was a retaliated stance; it’s, not hard to see unethical motive; for, what’s left to perform civic duty as a check and balance is common custom; which, is key point; don’t, fall for slippery slope or straw man argument; for, such isn’t of any cause nor effect; love, jubbdavid;


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