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Criminally Boosting Misinformation

Updated: Feb 11

Aiding and abetting and giving comfort to the enemy; lips, when they move could be lying when no speech is to safeguard your private property; which, is in jeopardy; because, as policy is to have split the world up and split world currency up as well it is too offer up whatever your savings were you’d agree wouldn’t you?

Partisan, bias is revealed harberd by a logarithm applied over the whole net as to what information is generated it’s really about who pays the piper there; you, and i can have liberty transparency is; yet, CB-cowo influenced patsie is like an outside influence isn’t it? And, a concern of what is actual which is a micro-cult of the FEW; directing, bots is the case; to, falsely exacerbate if you didn’t consider that if your lips have moved about the public you’ve been lying;

What's credited certainly isn’t a FEW; there’s no such thing as an election in your nation not ever not being fraud; you'd have to prove that in a case and how could you? You’d, have to show by evidence of one party that has a hand over both; which, is typical that a strawman argument has been given; where, the polarized alternatives don’t fit with what your view is;

You’re only left to have polarized against the last straw man polarized part; and, to have accepted apparently what the first one is given you; which, is fallacious reasoning; enact, a low immediately to stop bots outright; otherwise, it’s a lifetime ongoing of what’s redacted certainly by a patsie; so

A logarithm is partisan over the net is really drafting astro-turfed false idea of what grass removement is actually; CB-cowo controls and owns the net and has attacked the political system in a nation ongoing; and, is contrary to popular leadership; such, shows popular leadership doesn’t exist; because, of a syndicated condition;

A, lot of sacred cow doesn’t exist; meaning, stuff not talked about that’s redacted; like, senior executive service being a serious micro-cult around bots; allowing, misinformation to takeover the internet with sales of what ultimately is toxic outright; overwhelmed, by fear you hear patsie who have a microphone gaslight victim;

Most, see such a speaker not properly connected to unity; article, III and IV court needs to be enacted where all is together; don’t be seen boosting manipulation by not being aware of what the other view is; which, certain truth logic always has; and, so do you really see when someone else is speaking a situational awareness that’s existing;

Liberty, is where you and i are equal before the law; where, you’re not going to say that who’s the controller of CB-cowo doesn’t have and use a scale of economy you and i don’t have; how about discharging the charges and having a real reset and begin under positive economic induction? Love, jubbdavid;


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