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Eclipse Usury: Stop Trafficking

Twenty thousand children are reported missing every year in australia; an estimated forty-five thousand three hundred of those reported missing every year in canada; many, children that crossed over the border recently were reported a large number had gone off the registry;

Various, Alphabet Soup Land organization have been tagged as implicated in trafficking; back in two nineteen on turtle island here some four hundred and twenty one thousand three hundred ninety four were reported missing; a, small number of those generally shows something not necessarily could have been; yet, only a small number of those seems to be an abduction; yet, what happens when blackouts is in the MEDIA about victims of child abuse laws;

Were families torn apart because CBD was found for instance? Wasn't, children just removed from families with a court order like my son; children, orphaned which get out of institutions is similar like somebody just got out of jail; it’s, typical when someone is orphaned they end up in a special category as “learning disabled;” eclipse, usury stop trafficking;

All, crime such occurs because government has been weaponized not just recently; where, policy hasn’t been to help family; CHINA, for instance has a population that’s “not sustainable”; and, children just as anybody crossing the border have to be owned by a cartel afterword;

Many get disbanded around conflict zone; criminals abound evermore; many children who are taken from their blood family never see that family again; if you look at child poverty you’d note that’s increased from the times past; is that something you’d notice? Abuse and neglect exist because of economic deprivation; yet, at the family courthouse if a family wasn’t protected which it wasn’t on purpose; like, a policy which obviously isn’t cared about children;

Rights, of child abuse by neglect is many times higher for family of low social economics; and, such maltreatment is too great a cost for society to bare itself; many, males as children in the United States are sexually mutilated; where, the STATE owns the son’s organs; though, the STATE is against her mutilation;

It, could have been illegal to have sold unpasteurized almonds yet legal to carry a gun; many, case workers had apparent welfare paid up; agents, of the government are looked upon as an enemy of the family not protecting such; if, police were involved in barricaded condition which is factual and criminally negligent as beloved could have fled the fire;

What, conflicted interest exists? Who heads such to also determine the coroner's report cause of death; how is a statistic discovered yet by what’s based upon what was before the incident and how many now register? So where does the fact of who’s missing come from? How is that determined if the whole family disappeared?

Is it that the birth, death, and marriage records correlates with now who’s registered who can be seen no one is unaccounted for? Would, a reason be, existing one would cover up play down the catastrophic actual ravaged condition?

Could a beloved be taken advantage of where the crisis is? If a village was purposefully destroyed by DEW could something such be prepared if it was long before? If those found are not reflected in what most witnesses had experienced, what would be the motive behind covering up the amount?

Did the break-in to the registry in Hawaii not cause any challenge in determining the base amount to then be counted from including you could travel of course; a manifest exists as to who was on the island before the fire and how many of these can be children. Why would anybody not want to know that?

Is it because that’s something you might not want to get past too quickly to move on to what’s going to happen to the land? Love jubbdavid;


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