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Exopolitic Describing The Common Enemy

Updated: Feb 25

Except, for the lack of civic function performed by article IV and III court by common law procedure; so, “exo” meaning outside of; politikis, is Greek for what is political; so, a corporation doesn’t have a title which a right naturally flows from; and, it’s the same as a number as a piece of furniture; where, underground bases exist and subterranean connectedness;

The idea of only joining the living with the living and the dead with the dead it just means you can’t join who’s living and cause that to be equal to what’s owned and foreign as an entity; which, is a corporation; which, has no centralized nervous system;

As, connectedness across the world there’s some one hundred fifty two military bases which is coordinated; which, many operate from legal fiction not a real true name; and, can have different values which are not necessarily of a nation’s; yet, to be influence by policy given from a corporation controllers above is the art of CB-cowo science over governance;

What’s, influencing all from ‘exopolitic’ should be looked at as a charge to be discharged; it’s, the contract of relation going on of foreign acted agent by private corporation controlled off terrain; and, is a concern of influenced Alphabet Soup Land policy by unknown Jane and John DOE as wrongdoers; yet, it stretches across a nation around the globe;

Summarizing, this key point to you because of deceptive and purposeful fraudulent language to overthrow private property and transfer wealth from we the people to the controllers of the big MIC; for

This, reason we the people form article IV and III court; what’s, irregular is visited to be selected to be discharged; recovering, title right flows from; you, have a system which stops retaliation; for, conduct also disclosure where official misconduct was/is; by

Legal, name fraud and common law trespass CB-cowo system uses a killbox all over the globe; a, monopolized media with fraudulent deceptive support for an emergency that’s made up; and, carbon climate change as well;

CB-cowo own gas, oil, and energy; and, own two corporations which is of a monopoly; which, is a charge to be discharged; for, no consideration was to we the people; for, compensation sought for storm, drought, deluge, DEW, wrongful tax, and genociding we the people;

Keep in mind, many have been genocided in the past hundred years; could that have been a couple hundred million? Substance, was removed in nineteen thirteen; the, courthouse around the globe is corrupted by DEW; the, legal kill-box is by common law trespass and legal name fraud against your bond; which, is to fraud the real estate traded;

All, wielded most by two large corporation under CB-cowo controllers; which, a charge is of false and misleading toward a nation’s nefarious end; CB-cowo, BIS (Bank of International Settlement) is under where a merger ledger is of private property stolen and on-sold;

Put, toward asymmetric warfare; because, you don’t have a proper record of title right flows from as an ID; the, war-machine launders currency also live body harvesting and directs vital commodity away from proper purposeful intent;

No, individual stands a chance under that racket in such an exopolitical unstopped; for, what’s exopolitical as a movement is a foreign controlled entity as a corporation; all, other corpse is run over by the “company;” such, a “lord” is put secretively to distract, control by disinformation and discredit those who participate in private protected disclosure of official misconduct;

We, the people have a charge to have discharged; for, false advertising to genocide in the past one hundred years more; and, who is able and abetted to have a false emergency and push false climate change; if, that’s done by a theft of BC bond all put to a nefarious end;

Done, to all by common law trespass and a legal name fraud as a kill-box; would, you say slavery to manufacture military hardware could be sixty million that’s enslaved in the matrix?

Peace, and liberty is abrogated by secret treaty; we, the people is to examine and have transparency; for, otherwise around the planet what’s peddled is war, disease, crime, and poverty only; could you participate in the data instead of just being a spectator? Love, jubbdavid;


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