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How Does 'i' Awareness Affect Behavior

All, memory learning also behavior is state specific; meaning, a state existed as you learned a behavior; associated feeling, hearing, also seeing is connected to such; for instance, you experience way more success as you feel light; as, you naturally care about rapport, interest also pleasure is; which, causes you to be in the frontal cortex; without, interest or pleasure, one doesn’t exit into the frontal cortex;

In, and i aware state, you’re with an innate faculty to inspire creative influence of the future; a state of playfulness is easy to fall into in i awareness; for, ordinary time is suspended; one, is in such a state “non-goal driven;” i awareness is a state of perfect detachment; being, empty inside, the mind is open to receive also having output; yet, as someone can have other than accessed a state more of i awareness, whole brain functioning isn’t much; otherwise

What, you see is a truly conscientious beloved, who has a capacity to be able to achieve; which, doesn’t exist much one would observe a beloved’s behavior to “not amount to much;” called flow, ordinarily would be inside in an i aware state; your center is empty; you have space inside; it, is space remember which can absorb a supernova; you’ve to consider here of course how does it affect behavior one doesn’t have space inside; such space is reduced;

Whole brain function pattern is preferred modes of sorting information; allowing, you to be more total; which, sets you up for being able to be achievement oriented; naturally, without thinking even, such a beloved is moor outcome orientated; who, can look back and see one has achieved quite a bit; for, in such a state, you’re assuming excellence in everything;

An, i aware state affects behavior; for, all is more characterized from an associated view rather than dissociated; naturally, one is more congruent being into more parallel processing; one, is functional moor; for, being moor total, integration is; so, such is a state specific natural condition flowing out of an i aware state; can you remember when you have sticky factor for an i aware state is where ‘you’re the most conscientious;’

Being total, in i awareness having whole brain function pattern; such, conscientiousness allows you to be of forethought; you, can sense more the consequence; such, causes you to be cautious more toward being dutiful; one has excellent patterns of self-initiated ness in disciplining self; a, structure is within, continuously assisting one to be indispensable;

For, the master is the servant’s servant; being self-initiated in discipline you look back on what you’ve done; you, see how orderly moor you are; successful patterning, also induction with others occurs more behaviorally; i awareness affects behavior such; for, such social interaction from whole brain functioning, or not, does epigenetically affect lifecolloid (the body is composed of), affects the amount of magnicity you have available;

Lifecolloid having moor symbiosis within; quorum sensing mechanism influences health; the highest score you get, of course, in behavior as an effect of i awareness is because, you’re in a sitting, walking, living, meditation ongoing in i awareness; which, basically quiets your mind; for, this common denominator is what contributes the most for you to have a long life;

The physical body along with your cognative processing is an observed psychosoma integration; being integrated, you’re more associated also congruent naturally; you have the capacity to have forethought about judgment; also, disinhibition; being more balanced is state specific; you look back of course seeing one has avoided choice where poor judgment would have been;

One, has a great care in such a state; to transform a dissonant being; for, in a non-i aware state, adverse construction is state specific; such, is witnessed one having been constantly adjusting; all, to relieve inner stress; dissonance intentionally is state specific with being an ostrich; woken, to what is wrong; also, to blame; what one is doing in that state is simply relieving a degree of one’s created own inner stress; so

What you do you can see doesn’t properly jive with what you think; for, a beloved’s behavior can really have not been aligned in a limited mind function state, generally without any proper outcome; in i awareness one has perfect detachment practiced as habit; challenge, none is made internally; for, it is perfect detachment which is necessary when one is facing “what is insurmountable;”

In an i aware state, one is able to see by discernment who is on a path with heart also who isn’t; for, you as well as i, with beloved as family extended, one can be looking more at what patterns exist which is naturally whole brain functioned; for, all behavior which is of an anti-social nature, it’s an ongoing having pattern recognition where one can be aware of warning sign existing; that, an inducted state has been which has been totally dysfunctional;

Most, experts will tell you many are under a “spell” with each other; being, codependent, trauma bonded, also love blinded; under such a spell, one isn’t easily able to feel, to correct, to have speech, or to see behavior ongoing; which, if you did such would ordinarily be quite worrisome; it is not uncommon for you to witness beloved’s behavior having been obsessive to be compulsive;

For, the inner state of affair to cause one to be in an activity which is non-functional; when, one does anything in such a state, one can be observed spilling things on the counter, not being aware of a mess that’s made by the way something is done, leaving things undone and open, not being mindful to do something for the sake of itself; typically, to support such limited mind function behavior you witness an ongoing lack of any frequency toward open supportive dialogue;

A, limited mind function personality reduces all topics to a normalization like frequency; yet, personality being extreme typically has situationally specific degrees of oppositional defiance; one doesn’t rebel to change anything about their own behavior toward being able to be functional or have achieved anything; one, often locks himself in a cave where parenting hasn't been healthy or normal; yet

It, would be typical a healthy normal behavior engages in a rebelliousness, to be irritable, also anxious; especially, where one is observing a deep lack of any proper achievement having been gained; nor, to have any proper goal; parents who placate allowing such to be, is a “grown up” who is still in an early adolescent state most of their life; one, isn’t irritated at all, to have zero level learning matter of fact; even, where an excessive lack of proper functioning is;

Obviously, no care for any social content whatsoever; when one simply has allowed such, it is certain such is a sign of mental illness; one, can be dangerous to overreact, also can be seen to be a drama queen; one’s body language typically shows dissociation because of a limp wrist; not having any eye contact much, continuously occupying self with profuctury activity; meanwhile, living just to break laws, break rapport with others, also continuously face ongoing frequent fights;

Awareness impacts one’s behavior; being woke rather than just a wake, you have a care you’ll notice to connect; for, it is such that the mentally ill routinely avoid, dissociate, are distracted, act in a manner to have made everyone else’s model smaller; the, mentally ill routinely don’t connect; most, put themself in a cave generally will not have any eye contact, have no real proper schedule, much which is done is done out of time (not properly in time); you, see a lot of head forward with the orbital muscle of the mouth pressing the lips;

One always appears moody, in a slight akimbo posture like “don’t come near me;” fearful, of what is invisible, to be hypochondriac, to be frustrated to have a voice which comes more from the throat and head in the note of A; one, can have been this way for longer than three months; it, is typical who has such is really poor not being able to cope with any natural setting much;

A, voice expressed, is generally triggered more by anger; one, is easy to quickly fly off the handle, has no care to know about the world strangely; has, a lot of ostrich; thinking, ostrich is “the way to go;” focuses on everything which is wrong being in a massive blame mode; one, who is in such a state is typically cognitively dissonant; it is typical one observes the only time you see such mentally ill individual can be because contact is only triggered when quick behavior is to have responded with adversity; including violence;

Under such a state, one is not aware of any consequence; things, become broken; yet, these are all red flags which you shouldn't really ignore; in i awareness one remains in flow and can visit any irregularity; is dissonance free, doesn’t entertain having contradictory information experienced as dissonant; as being in proper state to be; for, i awareness is a new mindset; one doesn’t have remained contradictory parts;

An empty center of space which is absolute in i awareness cause nothing to stick to you; you have a practiced state of perfect detachment; one becomes superconscious through a totality of the vestibular sense being applied; for, such relates to you remaining integrated; preferred modes of sorting information is moor whole brained; this, is you in a new mindset, not in dissonance; yet, in interest and pleasure as a visitor, visiting what is irregular simply to correct such;

Holding contradictory belief otherwise would have been ongoing cognitively dissonant; someone will say they feel really safe yet perpetually cause massive amount of work to be done by locking doors unnecessarily; one, can be observed to be fearful of imaginary invisible germ not being able to interact much or being functional in the world for such an incapacity state of being; which, is from falsity being inducted; so, what is left is a non integrated typically; where parts exist to be polarized to each to be contradictory;

In one’s own action, in i awareness, balance in consciousness exist; one, is observed to be far more aware of how others are; is, open to track sensory based information also is learnable; red flags exist of mental illness where a pattern ongoing exists where one isn’t really taking any opportunity much to be able to personally develop themself; yet, in i awareness one has of a remained permanent driven expression within; where

A charge is, such becomes discharged by action taken; otherwise, what you’re looking at is “i can’t know the truth” (which is ostrich), “i woke up to what is wrong,” also, “i externalize being in blame mode;” you, tend to see a life washed up and wasted doing such in secret; can’t be seen; so, then it is “allowed;” one, covers up being non functional; one who does such can have a love-blindedness to self / family; because

You could continue to ignore the truth? So, where such is one apparently relieves the stress inside themselves; but, doesn’t of being personally responsible; one, remains dissonant ongoing truly avoiding proper discussion; truly is only triggered by past traumatic logged, as “part of one’s identity;” proper choice is, rather than poor, one makes better decision; one, hasn’t let a dissonance be observed to taken the best of you;

It, is when you can not know what to do; this, is the very best time to seek advice; key point is: the more practice of i awareness is, keeping internal dialogue out, focusing on interest and pleasure, having this be the synesthesia; such, an effect in behavior is to block what would have been internal ongoing of non-directional dialogue; also, chatter is as feeling also seeing; which, blocks one from being able to receive information;

The, mentally ill want to cover over having such not be seen of day to day decision; only, being observed preferring to do what is perfunctory; won’t be methodical or evertoward getting something completed; yet, escaping from what is constructed to be dissonant inside by being a daydreamer; continuously, into something competitive learned, anything to occupy this beloved; which is part of a pattern this beloved keeps to remain totally dysfunctional;

In, an i aware state you’re not responding with accusation to stigmatize the messenger; yet, totally able to listen into noticing all which is about some concern; the antisocial also those acting more abusive with other can be criminally generally having a pretty adverse childhood; such, past experience only without taking charge inside was a negative impact, socially; alongside such, is typically an addiction to a repetitive continuous occupation;

Various things, than one would who is successful; successful people only spend twenty percent of their time; unsuccessful people can spend one hundred percent of their time; so, in an i aware state you’r showing up associated more; your demure is more toward what is congruent; you’re more associated being congruent; this is from interest pleasure ongoing; which, causes your righting reflex to be active; one’s behavior is brought to be integrated as a whole unit, instead of separate parts; i awareness allows you to move toward all which is coordinated being synchronized moor toward what is consistent; what, is repeatable you do as a habit is the degree many will feel you’re reliable; being, in an i aware state is you being able to win friend as well as influence people;


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