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Intimacy Is The Quality of Your Soul Expressed

Intimacy is where bravery is, the subject you are with is a way of life fully; being, in perfect detachment; for, what is normal is for one to feel they’re emitting a soul rather than a role; a soul, in relation, doesn’t have any boundary; and all is open to you; as, even a stranger; one, cannot do the thinking for another; might, as you look around might you consider who, and what subject you are intimately has something very seriously missing;

Even, as an actual arisen undercurrent; which, honestly can be sabotaging your life; where, souls connect all is fine; it’s, where “roles” are connecting yet being of a casual acquaintance not proper friendship; a, state which is less is one tied to a role; for, it has got a ‘grown root;’ which, today a relation can be called ‘a hit and run job;’ even, this for flowers for flowers which is really full now growing in the garden which most would come look and see; then, feel such has “suddenly sprung” from this barren rock place;

Being, without a boundary where you are with yourself or a subject you’re focusing into, where no boundaries exist, you’re giving yourself to a stranger; who, reigns; so, you in such circumstance can stay with what you’re saying for this which is only of care; where, bravery is one’s heart can be heard; one, is open; this, is the intimacy of wisdom always more full of advice than not;

For, as you’re intimate even you’re the closest you can be even to a stranger; when, you look around you can hear other beloved talking to you; some, say “fear is what is being dreamt;” in, i awareness dreaming, thinking doesn’t exist; for, a mirror flat surface of a lake perfectly is capable such reflects in detail exact the reflection of the mountains and sky;

For, whose hands here can heal all; for, all such ‘left’ what is raw, unattended, kept open, not to heal; for, a more such a cover as should be what is picked off all the more, a wound within can have become; do, you think it is wise you can be asked to have dropped what is suppressed, what is repressed, what is inhibited? For, isn’t this a truth for you have as i silence is within a loving heart;

For in such, you can witness a feeling of “no life existing much” under such lack of concentration and connection; nothing, consummated; for, all you witness is an existence where all sentient being is equal; for, everything is equal to existence; you, cannot have lost what is dropped already; for, most you could agree are totally not certain even about the next day, let alone one’s whole life;

Is it possible for you to be like me? You, look simply at what is; for, is is is; intimacy, is the doors open to your heart to all which is strange; what, is certain is all mistaken; what’s, denounced of pleasure; for, you can often see, meanwhile who is there is hardwired, praising, paying; one, who has little stillness, silence, and transparency can learn more about having whole brain function patterning also i awareness; which, is not a state of mind, yet is a state of being; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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