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Investigating Official Misconduct

Can you say that official corruption in government your nation and local county is free of? Might, no election have been proper done because the system itself doesn’t let you or i really select the official directly? Of course many can see obvious evidence of official corruption; yet, also a great need for a check and balance on such; which, this is what proper governance is;

An, independent not in-house investigation; under, negative economic inductance you have a predatorial environment; you, see exploitive CB-cowo land grabbing; so, to reduce the population it’s hoped by the elite no “competition” would be left; and, to exterminate isn’t just a jab done more pennies on the dollar to have exterminated as a genocidal tool?

What, check and balance exists to have stopped such is the question? Official, misconduct also departments of the government weaponized should be corrected; for, a public role is in article III and IV court needed in establishing economic and liberty, justice, and freedom; it’s, your choice for health and spirit you follow;

A, corruption barometer is surveyed by every day experience; many, today don’t give a nation’s government much faith; for, most see government confiscating private property; and, large corporate giant taken over; having, a scale beyond a normal being;

Corruption, under common law trespass and legal name fraud is rife; an, article IV and III procedure can help correct this; when surveyed some seventy five percent can say they feel the government is rigged to be corrupted; yet, when a broken window is many feel ‘what’s the reason to fix that?’; a

More, nefarious activity gets accepted a lot more where an economic downturn has to be stopped; a, fabricated emergency to a nation’s demise could be controlled by officials; so, it’s a jab as pennies on the dollar; and, shown to cause VAIDS; a, valid reliable fact exists as to where harm is and no ethicacy is;

Stats show today seventy four percent of post deaths being caused by the jab; illicit drug sales is the largest business in America and Colombia; don’t you think a message is written on the wall?

Do you see a shocking surge in bankruptcy? All, is beyond logic; like, getting a head around a DEW triggered Maui holocaust; all, saw Lahaina as an inferno; no, difference is if you look around you can see an excess mortality; for, all ages up to twenty-four; such, is increased by forty-four point eight percent;

Can you say that you’re not under attack by a jab? Isn't dirty energy involved in releasing toxic payload to the body? Can you say that you don’t know that this is so?

What, reason exists an official can say by a claim seen as such didn’t contribute to death as it shows now which seventy-four percent of deaths at the moment being caused by the shot?

Can you see how the court system could be rigged for the prosecutor to set up and stymie a whistleblower; to do that and just end up with an acquittal; can’t, you see a wheel has got going which is harmful which takes some time also to get stopped?

All, children who had got the shot so a remark reduced immune response especially after the second shot; immune, factors are seen to decline ten fold; what, toxifies the lifecolloid terrain causes tissue to break down; you, see staphylococcus aureus;

How is it noted by you when it’s said it’s unexplained yet it was life-threatening? Because, brain disease has increased in children; so, what’s the fundamental question? Have you ever seen a claim that contagion existed? So, what's behind the emergency, declaration, also proclamation?

Who has seen a claim as to your liberties being taken? What is the science behind that? I, know you’re going to find that reasoning was fallacious as a slippery slope; no, foreign agent’s registration or insurance; no, anti bribery insurance or bond; is, an official discretion had directing credits spent on we the people?

You, can’t show influence wasn’t to get the office; so, didn’t policy follow black-swan your nation to get shut down? Do you think you’ve been harmed by that? Where’s the consideration shown? You can't have a monopoly so one is not equal to another; can you participate in the data and not just be a spectator? Love, jubbdavid;


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