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Logic Before Authority

Authority, naturally flows from logic; otherwise, the evil of anything having gone on; to, have patsie who have had a secret life controlled by Alphabet Soup Land in any position obviously is a Manchurian in an office such for rent; what’s the process of integrating what’s lost? Is this also what is being able to correct what is irregular by being able to visit such?

Obvious, retaliation against whistleblowers is the evil of an -ISM; which, is characterizing the common enemy as a system that’s reckless and needs to be arrested; we, the people in a common law jury can put a stop to all of that; because, it’s bridging of contract and it’s claims made against procedure engaged in “authority” in how credit has been spent; the

Censorship, and vicious brainwashing of lockdown and digital currency; global, weather controllers want you to think that’s natural when when it’s not; makes, sense for borders to be disappeared of course; and, methane from the stench of the pig lot is gone forever; yet

Not, by pyro-terrorism because “commerce want’s a smart-city;” manchurians, have a disappeared past; mysteriously, away from normal achievement to gain something; too, many ghosts have mystery as patsie where Alphabet Soup Land is;

Is that what is happening to the president? A, prosecution persecution framed to weaponize to rid a CB-cowo agenda adversary; is, the fingerprint over the crime the true number of children holocausted? Just, what is dribbled to you;

If fifty-two thousand or more children lost their lives in Iraq it’s a “boil the frog slowly” right? So, who’s in position has conflicted interest seriously; you would say that doesn’t exist? Is it a tyrant who wouldn’t tell you how many children are missing? How come that’s not the priority?

Cover-up, with a black fence a lot more attention gone into instead; is, who’s controlled obviously not having a proper response that would be normal? Cognitive, procedure is from we the people down to what’s fictional; not, the other way around; by

Your, conduct of where a claim is it’s either under we the people from the nation as procedure law is made; or, otherwise everyone shows a nation is still under bondage; under, “its” foreign control

Is corruption not part of the crime? Like, attention to instructions given to the children and not the parents; that, children got on busses and just “disappeared;” you, just legitimized the process by only talking about “a candidate” and not the fraud;

Nine-eleven, wasn’t investigated properly was it? Nor, the theft of trillions from the public coffer at the same time; none, need to see who’s “installed” is a brain-dead puppet following ‘what the magazine’ said;

If you get funding you should show your mission statement right? Because, what would be the reason to be funding research for that small toxin that causes spike on the membrane to get just transported through your skin? The

Media, is monopolized; small, businesses losses; massive, transfer of wealth all see is going on in Maui; like, your neighborhood too; what’s, stealth and perceptive is that an office has been for rent and not just proper discretion; and, you avoid a lot don’t you if you’re a “candidate?” you, don’t know how to talk about various political issues; you, just want to make sure you got a bigger fence;

What’s, lunatic is trying a president and observing that to be done by the CROWN and not from the land here on turtle island; so, that your vote won’t be verified;

You can see scientists getting poisoned and patsie passing on that was behind the globalization; yet, we the people can flag all criminal transfers of currency; otherwise, you can get “punished” right?

Three, storms could be done on you like what’s going on in Florida; so, you don’t need to see hard proof that the jab toxin is intentionally designed to sterilize and harm an unborn baby; a

Child, has a right to a parent; yet, letting Alphabet Soup Land which as an organization is shown to be extremely dangerous and subversive; shouldn’t that be stopped by we the people? Before you just have to get underneath some “re-location plan” that’s smart-city connected;

Can you see a new era epoch ushered in? Love, jubbdavid;


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