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Persistent Contrail Cover Up On Maui

A, persistent contrail has occurred around the globe; and, pyro-terrorism also with DEW weapon; was, it DEW weapon used to destroy evidence of electoral fraud is a question in the state of Georgia; would, that evidence have been what all would have used to show such in a timely manner? Look, at the picture at the top this is persistent contrail over the state capitol building in Florida;

Fire, accelerant sprayed that covers everything can such metals not be seen to create ever greater fire temperature? Also, is it not usual that you’d see a lot of persistent contrail activity having gone on before where the weather-controllers unleash their “climate change” on you?

If you were not friendly to give over the land because a smart city is planned there you’d not say two companies primarily behind the purchases of a lot of real estate isn’t because a scale of economy is from credit stolen and being misdirected?

Do you get punished? Do you need to be punished? Punishment, is because land could be strategic of itself; and, all surveilled in such a location; did BRICS nation not get weather warfare done on them? Is weather warfare being done on turtle island?

If a state bans the jab which you should, is that the reason persistent contrail spider fluffy spread by ELF wave on anabolic steroid is seen over the Florida capitol building? For, having undertaken a range of courageous initiative as bolt-steps to not be part of getting black-swanned by toxin from a deadly jab;

Is that the reason you get three big hurricanes in a row? What do you know about present doomsday weaponry? Characterizing, the common enemy being CB-cowo for such deadly crime isn’t a mystery; for,

HAARP technology and controllers of such is spread across the globe; you see pyro-terrorism by the climate-controllers; Geo-engineering, to black-swan a state and a nation globally; you’d, not say you’re under weather warfare? You can't see such an asymmetrical attack?

Was the toxin that was banned in one state not considered a warfare program on we the people? How long did it take Filamite to be taken off the market when it was used? Many AIDS drugs would you say that by the percentage air quality is such does have an epidemiological effect? The

Service, you and i do civically as we the people is to discharge the charges; for, CB-cowo as a system is public enemy number one; because, only one hand controls and manipulates a globe to get what’s covid going on; so

Why, not now like the first time a public face like a prince spoke about persistent contrail; he was pretty much dead after that wasn’t he? Before, a crime is something has gone on before hand; also, afterward; and

To, see so many Nissan already in place guarding a site in Maui; also, with a big black fence; and, is some goo is being put to mark the ground; so, no soil can be taken; such, is marked and owned; and, for what reason is such effort when no narrative is proper about all the missing children?

Would the news of such be of import before such effort is ongoing to block the public off? For what reason? A, large area of land like Texas can get boiled; like, Iran; and, storm also disaster is directed; to, control a populace; for

Weakening, all beloved resolve; especially, you see the state of Florida for instance exposing what is covid as genocide having said no to the jab; then, you’re going to see three storms all whack you; making, it all not habitable; isn’t, that a pattern around the globe? Also

Using pyro-terroristic DEW; how do you stop the weather controllers’ weapons of mass distraction having control over your nation? For, the worst storm surge in the world was Hurricane Idalia; which, put Florida under a weather attack;

Water, has to get released by the Three Gorges Dam; and, beloved, industry, and commerce get flooded out; persistent contrail, coverup is done over a nation; yet, can have a large Mithra Effect; for

On, a nation where we the people have got fed up with state corruption and corrupt voting, also corrupt officials; did such get cleared away by a nation’s military in Gabon, also in Niger; did the corrupt get cleared away by the military?

Unlike, you see happen in the US and Brazil and Pakistan; all, such nation embraced an illegitimate commander as chief; so, for one state to ban gain of function research and to ban the jab and the mask; also, ban all state and local lockdown; is this the reason weather-warfare is used to attack your land?

Investigation, into what reason would be a seventy percent marker of being vaccinated; and, then you’ll lift restriction like in Hawaii; is, such advice of indiscretion because a claim is existed?

One, can say they have seen this claim would be due diligence wouldn’t it? And, so if mail-in voting was because a false idea of contagion so nothing was verified, is that the covid attack on all as a lockdown?

If an imposter is embedded criminally would such criminals be emboldened and protect any patsie public obviously bribed and grafted? Would you say a scam doesn’t exist behind such a far bigger treasure? As, it’s got expert validity many dismiss the climate crisis assisting it’s the climate controllers not for our benefit; like

Maui, or Florida you see getting attacked; it's a land-grab because you’re also reduced by such; all, is steered and intensified by a forced multiplied weapon; do you feel it’s time to stop such crime? Because

In, Maui for instance wasn’t there a massive dump of fire accelerant long before the inferno is a question; love, jubbdavid;


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