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Population Reduction By Legal Killbox

In the story of the Pied Piper an allegory is made popular; it’s, the story where the background is in a rat infested town; which, is about who is paying ultimately is controlling; for, who’s paying the piper at the moment is calling a tune; eventually, you’ve to pay the piper; you’re, not getting away with that forever;

Common law, is about to flip the switch to gain control of currency; with, the alm; which, is a value in perpetuity; intrinsic, to an hour of work done in a jc quantum; you, can learn more about that in the white paper; however

That, we didn’t do that as we the people a great currency theft is on the cards; for, if you don’t join now into this eclipse movement you’re participating in the data rather than being a mere spectator;

What, is it that causes you to have shifted into an agentic state? You, assist take action as one of the people; for, population reduction is being done by euthanization; no, room has been given in the picture of the past narrative having been carried out; none, can say anyone was given any consideration;

All, such that’s gone on is unethical also not logical; no, informed consent was ever given for unelected being is as stakeholder globalist patsie under CB-cowo controllers; run, out of the gray council’s war room with an east and a west office;

Certain, it is long before April twenty-twenty population reduction is the agenda of CB-cowo; so, in national health what does the S stand for in the NHS? You’re looking at the authorization of NG163; which, is euthanasia; such, was already in place;

Automatic, guideline followed without informed consent needed; it’s, a legal medical killbox to euthanasianize beloved by prescription administered; death, occurs from a mixture of Midazolam and Morphine; which, administered slowly causes respiratory depression over time; which, leads to an accelerated caused retaliate within forty eight hours of administering such;

Keep in mind, no informed consent is needed; many, have witnessed this protocol having been used since the early nineteen nineties; such, starts out called the “Liverpool Welcome” protocol; which, is a Do Not Resuscitate protocol; which, is automatic; as, one is in between treatment; where, one has reached the end of treatment;

It's deemed a quality of life is given that you would be put to death; you don't think the stakeholders under bankruptcy isn’t selecting the tune that’s played in the day?

Death, of beloved eliminates what is owed you; death, makes currency immediately; for, all that was left as abandoned bonds; unclaimed; CB-cowo controllers exist under usury and an ancient system of pledging which is breaking international law;

DEBT, owed that’s not of your reversionary interest that is paid back to you just gets canceled out as “abandoned;” in, the money mechanics; so, such holding you have which is your reversionary interest in such remains in the federal reserve private stock holders pockets; a

Move, by the stakeholders always is in the wings to divide and conquer; to, do such always in the past the globe is split in two; conflict is created, currency is laundered through war by the big MIC by the stakeholders; and, none of them have to pay anything back; and, the old system is slated to be crashed; so, a transfer of currency of account is swept into the stakeholders quorum; so

You don't get any saving none in that picture; it's taken; many politicians stupidly have participated in that scam as a cell in a cell unaware; so, the question is: is it that you’ve got to actually feel the radiation from modern day weapon?

It’s hot, yet it’s also hot because of purposeful radiation down on you; is the world effort enough? Is it not too soon to have such hit your face? In, essence a strategic manipulated to induction; so, the matter of hand was clouded because of a cognitive bent, perceptual filter; no, room existed in such; so

With, a lack of ethic where clarity is yet where such has been in the past purposefully illicit, trust and honor which is supposed to be there is scarce instead; uncertainty, is what you’re looking at raining; so

A, small backstory is how in nineteen seventy-one all got taken off gold; less at the time of a billion dollars was in circulation; today, quadrillion is; so, for what care has existed under that where all is under bankruptcy law?

Currency order, is to be fulfilled; yet, where chaos is certain not under positive induction of a chain of command from we the people; yet, which currency should be connected to a verified vote and governance equal to the product and the service such is equal to; yet, not tied to stakeholders;

Can you look into this issue evermore by looking at articles which is posted on Can you assist grow this movement? It’s, the biggest movement the world has ever seen;


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