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Stakeholders’ Promoted Engagement

Updated: Feb 14

Stakeholders, have conflicted interest you’d agree; the, same stakeholders that you pay interest as tax to; for, your credit being controlled in how you spend that being in DEBT; a, lien exists over the top of your nation; which, is the stakeholders promoted engagement;

“Build Back Better,” are dirty words that WEF uses; who, is the strategic partners; partnering, with the UN; which, FEMA takes advantage of; so, who owns the power and controls transport and controls a lot which is also illicit; cuts, across your nation; so

One, spot that’s dense is existed for you to be relocated to; and, that’s called a “disaster relief resilient” zone; who, pays the piper is calling the tune; and, it’s a stakeholder profit; it’s, called the “priority zone” for you; because, you don’t get any relief in any other zone which is called a killzone;

You’re, told a dense spot exists; and, that spot is your “climate smart spot;” if, you go there that will reduce inflation; it’s, called you’re under an inflation reduction act; keep in mind, this is all called “Build Back Better;” which, means caused disaster to do that;

Keep in mind, all is under bankruptcy; you’re, to be told there is no way that you can rebuild; you’re not going to; that’s, what “Build Back Better” is; you’re, under occupation by extreme weather event; and the operation of DEW ongoing to achieve such an end;

You’re made to believe that maybe there is just two big companies that are too big to fail; they’ve, got to be ‘bailed-in’ from you and i where ICE-NINE is; you, can read more about that at;

These big companies can have betted to cut all their stock by twelve percent or more; where any relief effort should be to you the holder; so, when do you sound the alarm yourself about this twenty-thirty agenda?

Climate controllers, as the stakeholder, own DEW; and, that goes across a nation to be private companies international; so, as you see earthquake and flood; and being baked; you, see examples in nine-eleven and three-eleven as, a charge which hasn’t been discharged yet;

CB-cowo, controllers own the big MIC; company, producing DEW weapon thirty years ago; one, bank back then was allowing the trade of what is unlawful; so, there’d be no check for instance necessarily on what’s been sold; even, the live organ harvesting;

You haven't thought that asymmetric warfare on you is? Population reduction, microwave weapon is set up as a grid; all, could be living in a “killzone;” microwave, heats metal fast to incandescence; and, is not kinetic, can’t be seen; yet, that metal glows white hot and burns everything else within the vicinity; so

If, you tour the inferno event around the globe since nineteen ninety-one you’re looking at puddles of metal where all of it is torched such; and, hands and head amputated because of metal bling; isn’t, such duplicated in Lahaina; did, everybody sign on to climate change which is a lie? How, much has that taxed you is the question;

Is, none to be assisted? Because, where DEW has been used the exits are blocked; outsiders, come in that frame generally noticed; so, isn’t the design of using DEW to block exit?

Isn't Ai set up by CB-cowo controllers to have more disparity? What, you receive kills more? So, as all is surrounded by a kill group of last resort; isn't it that apparently you’re on your own? Do you need we the people to stop such? Because, how do you stop a non kinetic weapon? Doesn’t this have deadly consequence? Is it dirty energy?

CB-cowo controllers, want you know food has been planned to have been eliminated; because, you’ve got to get down to a draconian net zero; meaning, zero carbon emission; a, forced relocation you see happens in Puerto Rico and other places;

Salt, water erosion has destroyed the water supply; no clean water is there anymore; got, to be relocated to a smart city; so, stakeholders in a strategic alliance with FEMA, gets access for the stakeholders to zones; and each state has a small zone;

In, that zone only it’s “priority funding;” you’re, basically looking at how companies that made apparently the dirty substance getting you and i to pay for that; it’s, the stakeholders who own the “smart-city;” so

Where, you are right now communication is getting cut off; such, is unserviceable; access, to such is required; it’s, a reduction to reduce your carbon footprint; your, social credit score collectively;

It’s, allocation and it’s confiscation of private property; all, is big BUSINESS; for, such big MIC contracts; so, you’re to be forced by the red tag local enforcement to kill your bees and animals;

You’re, to be fined if any gas appliance is existing or any fuel stored; you’re, not allowed to have such; because, you can not afford at all for any phishing to go on at the data centers; which, shows that you’re using a little more than what you should;

All, operation otherwise is controlled; it’s, not allowed; cameras, it’s said are being installed; yet, in five-G “kill cities” you’re looking at multiphoton ionization done; setup, to look like it is a camera; yet, it’s a city extermination weapon deployment;

“SMART-CITIES,” is like lithium ion batteries; that, when microwaved explode with a vengeance; so, not to act and not to speak is to be acting and speaking; the, two big companies in strategic alliance with Alphabet Soup Land is a stakeholder buyup of all once disaster has hit; so

Cities, are to be eliminated; extermination, weapon deployment exists; you’re, slowly getting boiled like a frog in a pot; round, the corner forced relocation is into FEMA designated zone; it’s, a kill zone;

FEMA, SMART CITY ZONE Agenda; it’s, to cull the population; mass, murder on the grandest scale is not a clever plan; to, use all the de facto groups all running along with the climate controllers stakeholders’ idea for a quiet war with silent weapons; for

What, existed where you are could have been destroyed by cyclone; right now, i’ve got family who tell me that in Puerto Rico for instance, drinking water is violated; jet fuel, stored underground, leaked into water; this, is what is going on on islands and state US territory; so

Such, is no longer serviceable in the long term; which, is the stakeholders’ reason not yours or mine; that, you’re placed by a program to be living in at the moment that’s forced you’re in a FEMA designated “killzone;” so, the

Stakeholders’ as conflicted interest is a hand above government wrongfully; with, insurance gone; that’s, right it’s all run by CB-cowo and all the profits sucked up; nothing, is there; and, it’s a FEMA’s plan; you’re, not going to get any more insurance; and, as no renewal is for planned air pollutant and smoke ongoing is a continued weapon;

It’s, the charge of you being in a vector set up under AGENDA THIRTY; which, is a killzone; so, a three-dimensional asymmetric war is an attack on you to starvation; for, the forced migration and mental impact; keep in mind, the extreme heat by microwave; all, caused by design; and

What is to come would have only been a form of such for who’s paying the piper; a nation like morocco, libya, turkey, like maui, could you say paid the price? Targeted with energy weapon; yet, to kill off the global population; you, don’t have to look at the reports; which, is called the science of ageism; which, is the design setup which leads you more to an early death;

It’s, programs set up solidly totally to stop all anti-aging therapy; which, is what this researchers work has mainly been about; to, be mobbed stalked in New York; and, private property all confiscated; don’t, you feel as all do the cost to uphold the past is way too much?

According, to the UN which apparently all of us volunteered to; which, none did is like who is pinned down to DEW; which, is about annihilation; a, little after JFK’s assassination you’ve got the “Iron Mountain Report;” which, is the climate change to control; so

CB-cowo, controllers use the “Club of Rome” as a think-tank; and, back then it would be said, “hey hu-mans is the problem;” of course that’s the capture isn’t it? Of, course to CB-cowo controllers; so, water is no longer to be coming from your title; a, natural right to be given; using, LED light destroys melatonin;

Much, eye disease is impacted; for, as an incandescent bulb got banned yet LED light because it’s flickering and brightness lead to blindness; and, such LED light also emit microwave radiation; so, is who’s paying the piper up to this point not behind those “smart-bulbs” from hell;

Is that just the bang-up in a Banana Joe republic; is that just a complete targeting of humanity on all levels? The FED is a corporation run for the stakeholders; and, is it that it’s a share as a CORPS(E); which, is the USA; so

“Build Back Better,” you’d see is really dirty words promoting stakeholder engagement; those, words are kind of dirty words as well honest; the, check and balance needs to be on the corporation by a proper chain of command from we the people; love, jubbdavid;


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