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The Power of Gained Agreement

Can you have agreement and be without approval seeking behavior? For, is it not that you’re quite rich in proportion to the things you’ve left alone? For, who is really benefited by thinking far less? For

Being, aware you have elevated your life; with, an ability unbounded like water finding its own level; you, seek agreement immediately with your adversary; and, this is how you keep self company;

If you read about the eclipse movement you learn how title right flows from and that’s missing under legal name fraud and common law trespass; what's happened for instance all who are missing as what happened to children in Maui?

Parents, want to know yet many all as whole families lost; is, it a counter-offensive like you’ve read about and that’s equivalent to a meat grinder of unethical behavior; for, aggression continuous where no care is for any sought agreement like in Ukraine; or, in the public courthouse where you are; because

Title, is not defended; it, should be; once, something is expressed it is; and, before it isn’t it isn’t; you, can agree a condition or you could have agreed to have a unique view because all such is something which can be discussed;

Especially, that you’re not trying to prove a point; you’re with who’s listening; and, rapport and being remained such you have bliss; for, the mind that’s restless is as addiction; which, isn’t never for it’s not from an utter inner poverty; for

Agreement, some gave for what injectable yet not ecological as a toxin; and, all know such can’t be defended; you, could be “in an agreement” to a view had each; for, this is how you can disagree elegantly;

You’d, certainly resolve as this father would; for, none care for foreign interference by outside domination; yet, many were taken over by private warlords using drugs and other means to enslave and conquer we the people;

Might, you find the common enemy being a system that’s CB-cowo; which, an east as well as a west Vaticanus exists; in, Macau and Beijing elite you find the most powerful tycoon under CB-cowo; and, nepotistic hand above CHINA INC. and also USA INC.; also, other UN, also Alphabet Soup Land;

None, could bose as patsie stray from that CB-cowo agenda you can agree; for, you could agree also that when the hand was bitten that fed some felt ethic is apparent to punish; and, it’s the same crew involved as the “company” which you should learn more about; so

All, agree that Amish and other city really didn’t receive any injection; none, died of covid either; like, Haiti for instance; today, sexual mutilation of boys’ organs has been routine; because, parents felt that they owned their son’s organs but not their daughter’s to do with it like what some belief said you should do; yet

Of course, can you say that’s not a marketed industry directed at children? Which, is done by a monopoly; how, do you feel about a bloke who gives a massive amount of money to sexually mutilate boys in Angola;

How do you go along with such title and right abuse? Is it that you do business with such; where do you draw the line as ethic? Intention, leaves fruit for you who are devoted in agreement you’re meeting together; you, walk together; you, go and visit to be together; and it’s because you’ve agreed you meet; it’s, the

Unstoppable, power you have you should raise a flag about; which, is having gained agreement; for, who you have around you who’s in agreement; for, power is an agreement; for, speaking and emphasizing the same vision as eclipse; you

Join, with the greatest movement the world has ever seen; it’s, the greater effect of the sun more than the individual parts; for, being in agreement focusing where you have such you’re good at agreeing with an adversary quickly; you

Receive, instruction here; for, what lays upon word spoken from this heart’s path is a highlighted agreement gained especially in hard times; for, can you keep relation for you are this grandchild of this great peacemaker; and, to celebrate generosity, discernment, also virtue all great acts have lots of random acts of kindness left behind around such; for

You, to live in perfect detachment being focused in the now empty in the void; for, you’re receptive to navigate, response given to you in company kept; and, for such you have a lot of power evermore; that, you have a good kept rapport; love, jubbdavid;


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