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Common Law Courts Need To Be Instituted Around The Globe

Libya, is a very good example of a nation picked upon until boat people came out of it; boat, people drown escaped from Libya because it was made lawless; where, there was some mechanism to settle a claim as we the people in Libya suddenly nothing existed to be able to; afterward

You, imagine crime would be involved wouldn’t it once law and order is removed? When, you control editor positions in the media and control the CORP under vice admiralty; so the court is also used to conceal any exculpatory evidence and progressively commit barratry in the same way the medical system also has placed everyone under medical battery;

Everyone, knows Pearl Harbor was a false flag; too, many wars been funded that was not ever selected to do so by we the people; there, is non-controvertable hard evidence that convicts CB-cowo being behind a global mayhem and war at the moment; to

Control weapons of mass destruction and have applied such; agents, like agent Zelenskyy exists; young, boys in Ireland having escaped conscription are being hunted down; we, the people is to perform our civic duty to have check and balance on government; where, such has not been the system is set up where such is not supposed to be;

Where, no article III or IV court has been enacted you can state clearly no check and balance has existed; all, know nine-eleven was an inside job; and, a breakdown of separation of powers from the three branches of government exists; so, governance itself is broken and needs to be visited to be fixed up;

You, and i have investment in your nation; again, private property is protected; it’s, communistic to take away title, which right naturally flows from; all, documents that have pronouns and no proper verb is defunct; a

Controlled, demolition is underway burning you out of your home and business with the use of DEW; this, account is based on eye-witness first hand evidence on the ground; where, face construct and contextual also expert validity testimony exists; to, show numerously elements within corporation having placed itself above we the people;

Its “intelligence agency/secret service” and alphabet soup land all is responsible for directing, planning, coordinating, and covering up genocide like what happened in Lahaina;

Given, the staggering heinousness of the crime thousands perished; a, vast amount of evidence is present to the naked eye; how, such a tyrannical attack is orchestrated with a motive like a land grab for a concentration camp called a smart-city;

This, and many other crimes have been done to you all from legal name fraud and common law trespass like crashing the presidents life or anyone’s life including this father and his son’s;

Undisputable, evidence when a nail causes the fence to burn down; that, is conclusive proof microwave weapon was used; when, the people can not be continuously precluded from transparency of proper investigation which is independent via common law court of record trial by jury process by article IV and article III court;

There, is volumes of circumstantial valid evidence of a Lahaina being a criminal event planned before and criminal activity after; such, evidence is enough to convict official who haven’t had discretion that protected we the people’s title natural right flows from;

Trillions, of dollars is missing since before nine-eleven and then on nine-eleven gold got taken out of the bottom of building seven; you, see thefts of resource stolen from various nation like tankers seized and millions of barrels of Iranian oil; which, was allegedly heading to China; and, get ready for it unless you stop it; you’ve, got emergency powers test coming up and it’s how much will you continue to put up with;

You’ve, got the big COVID strike number two; what, do you do to connect with anybody brainwashed? Keep in mind nothing that’s not ecological can be defended when placed into your body; don’t forget that some people were found dancing in the street rejoicing how the towers had been dropped in New York City

Maybe, you need to look into this issue more deeply why not look at other article which is posted and video at keep your ear to the ground where you are because you should be listening to the beat of this earth; a

Rock, and a rabbit is not going to take action; only, you who is aware is real; circles, are forming around the earth in living rooms everywhere to assist educate all as to know what to do where you are; what, skills do you have to self-initiate to help assist the eclipse movement get rid of usury? You, can help by giving this message urgently to everyone; love, jubbdavid;


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