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Truth Is Redacted By False Opposition

Criminals, redact truth; the, mainstream media is monopolized today to be secure to have truth investigated i care very much about your support in giving this message to others; stop, your published lies and propaganda; yet, all truly need to do their part and initiate article IV and article III common law court; you, could learn more by going to; you, can access video and podcast; you, can see we are now on buzzfeed, rumble, and twitter; keep, in mind what's covid is under the DOD; and, a volunteer process apparently for all to be under an emergency authorization; yet, the question is which official could say that official has seen a claim?

Truth telling has a structure; so, does criminal behavior in forensic investigation; criminal behavior is always shutting down any proper investigation; domestic, violations are out; because, the sacred cow they’ve got there is not going to be sacrificed overall like a war getting kicked off; you’re, getting crime occurred like a franklin coverup;

Orders, above that said to stand down; any, decent that’s observed to the controllers to CB-cowo’s agenda is dealt with more by pretextual distraction with not a proper axiom of opposition above all characterizing and spending every moment looking at what the common enemy is; when, a half truth mixed with falsity;

It’s, way to imagine some opposition is when it actually isn’t; because, the common enemy isn’t being characterized often in that opposition; so, a hidden agenda of a corporation which owns most everything in a small town can absolutely have a hidden agenda and also potential genocide;

For, all which is falsely drummed and also planned black-swan is carried out; do you notice that no question is which is what we the people are saying that always what’s missing in the official view is a proper characterization of the actual crime? So

Opposition to CB-cowo’s agenda is crafted beforehand; blamed, to be placed a lower echelon in a cell in a cell; as a small cost passed on to the consumer; most, lookout and say how can such a monologue exist? For, in truth logic you can hear a true axiom of opposition characterizing what the controllers of CB-cowo and how banking as always rolled both sides of every war fought;

All, being bankrolled behind the scene; a, managed voice also; an, apparent effort as opposition; it’s, typical it’s coming from a pundit syndicated of conflicted interest; for, the true characterization of the actual common enemy to society is redacted;

The corporation is fictional isn’t to correct itself if misled; are you fit to lead is the question? Isn't it that you see where what’s awry mayhem is, isn't it also where conflicted interest exists in leadership?

What, happens as a nation took a stance to trust then saw you were goaded? Could a bigger picture be an actual reality far larger than what you thought that is behind various local happenings? So

We the people in the picture existed as small fry to be scapegoated; most, know that the masks never ever worked and lies would be told it works on individuals instead;

What happens as all you see can have ignored a certain peril? Most, don’t want to become the next cannon fodder of a non-kinetic weapon; so, psycho pathetic lies told by official patsie generally being caught with the same meme; like “build back better” for instance; all, the same training;

You, cannot continue to ignore your own peril; for, what’s controlled it’s like persistent contrail over a nation no one gave permission for whatsoever and should be stopped; none, care anymore for the controllers Geo-engineering weather for “its” outcome; like

Masking, the truth by continuing on with a mandate to pick on small fry; like, elementary school children or the unborn; yet, getting rid of all sharp and mask hesitancy by censorship;

Isn't it food for thought you don’t think transfer and supply disruption from all the fires isn’t a proxy war itself? Once jabbed, is the spike protein made forever afterward?

It's hard proof bankrolled policy fuels a meat grinder; its endpoint is militarization not peace; how much more proof do you need? Most, know we didn’t go to the moon; how, many thousands could have been lost in Maui is still unanswered; like, what happened to children; the

Big MIC equipment gets all paid; everything, else destroyed; and, you’d not say civil duty doesn’t exist; for, a failure certain upstream reports was in the corpse and downstream from such a fiasco is which should be corrected; it’s, not a good message when an island a ukrainian man is to be deported to be on the front line; because, most everybody else is already been killed;

Let’s, you and i perform our civic duty of a proper chain of command; check and balance exists in governance as it’s supposed to; love, jubbdavid;


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