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Uncontrovertible Evidence of Criminal Censorship

It, isn’t hard to see if you’re new to this work how Alphabet Soup Land; which, is a foreign entity as a fiction; what, is only “of” and “in” and “at” is a fiction; yet, only you who is from common law can change that fiction as a grand jury can; otherwise, what is common law is really being held at gunpoint by those corporation controllers who have taken over the STATE;

You, don’t have to be in Maui to get the big black cloth effect as a wall to keep prying eyes out; new, vehicles already there; plenty, of money for those who would censor and stop you from pausing even to look; you’re “not allowed;”

WEF, penetrated EU jurisdiction; such, nation went free before this and not afterward; all, being put into a union called Schengen; all, such since European nation got unionized corporation multinational; and, caused fascism to exist where you’ve got the living mixed up with fiction; the same

Controllers, of CB-cowo is over nine-eleven also JFK assassination also pearl harbor; where, censorship is like we want to get seventy percent of you vaccinated; yet, one state has banned the jab; you’ve, got evidence of an integrated slave colony banana republic; and, evidence of a private multi national corporatocracy;

All, had seen truth content criminally removed before your very eyes; all, titan online video content that this author’s video show; some, you can find left at; can, have been censored;

Many, has professed to have transparency; and, stop secret backdoor conflicted interest of outside foreign control; yet, all have been asked to now comply with the EU “Digital Services Act;”

Sweeping, laws where all platforms have to obey by august twenty-fifth recently; it’s, all you see now where you get the big HIT; the, EU as alphabet soup land is now the leadwhore in global censorship; so

You, don’t have to be in Maui to see numbers of holocausted children noted as not observed; Florida, in a similar way is getting punished for other purposes; like, having made the jab unlawful; which, it should be outright straight away to mitigate harm;

All, have no doubt that vote did not count; used, monopolized violates transparency and doesn’t care about you one ounce; it’s, the liability of common law and natural right as title is upheld; also, obviously not where you’ve got a political party not from the land but de jure; as, private organization working as government;

Shouldn't many such departments become defunct? Because the corruption is rife; and, the public is ready to have article III and IV court by common law court of record trial by jury process; so

Isn’t, it up to you to institute we the people as the jury having proper authority for what’s absolutely essential; you, bring this matter into your own hands; that, you read and grab a jury together of twenty-six or more; so, that venue is from the land as jurisdiction that’s separate from the sheriff as a corporate jurisdiction only; for, it’s, only we the people where you’re gathered; which

Is, protected by who you select as one of the people as the constable; as, the investigator prosecutor; which, has to be above a county as a corporation at that level of a sheriff; for, it’s we the people as jurat; meaning you and i have capacity to establish additional permission; and, subject to investigate and charges to be discharged; for

Only, we the people is of authority from the land; you, and i fulfill our duty as jurat; you, are appointed as this father’s trustee; it’s, the founding fathers’ dedication by affidavit stating the date, place, and witnessing all is sworn in;

You, use a real true name; and, a postal from the land; wherever, only a CORPSE is apparently requested to investigate; it, wouldn’t impanel plants and patsie under the hand of CB-cowo controllers overall; this, can only come from we the people at the level of the community where such is meeting; and

It’s, we the people only who have power and authority from the land to elect any office below; and, to establish proper discovery immediately; and, convene with the public to have transparency; in, writing law and establishing government, etc;

Obviously, a political party and government department even could become defunct; much, corruption you can see which is covered; it’s, only article IV and III court; charges, can be discharged; especially, what’s incontrovertible evidence of criminal compliance; of, censorship by CB-cowo controllers of what ideas should be censored and what shouldn’t; the

Most, destructive element is not performing your civic duty; you, have check and balance; children, missing in Maui have transparency straight away about; for, we the people you see taking proper authority back coming from the land; and, not under commercial law; such, censorship collusion engages big TECH; participating, in natural right as title having been removed; so

We, the people is against Casper; nothing, living yet a big CORPS idea under CB-cowo; so, all can know that the cost our credit extended by five billion dollars that was used to have taken over another sovereign nation like Ukraine; to, as you can see a nefarious end; a, concentration camp surveillance instead;

Too much corruption has already been said; how much more is needed instead? An, alliance of law movement (ALM) assists clear up such by fixing the chain of command in your nation; otherwise, you’re under a net zero and climate goals; so

You, don’t have heat for instance in the winter night; you’ve, got to get by without it; so, you’d see ongoing until stopped no hands engaged in negotiating peace agreement; and, only a meat grinder instead; when, can we the people have the power to stop any evil tyrant? I wonder are you aware of a foreign agent having been installed as a warlord to no longer have civic function? What happens after that? Love, jubbdavid;


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