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We The People Lead By Official Misconduct

Officials, are to be given the fifth amendment; transparency, exists whether or not such key positions in leadership in Hawaii have been engaged in misleading the public and engaged in criminal conduct; it’s, we the people’s belief that crime is unfolded incurred on the land of Hawaii; this

Crisis, is imposed by CB-cowo system who is behind a false emergency combined with activity around climate change; all, has been done by unstopped criminal misleading information; so, that injection can have been given of toxin; also, criminal brain-washing disinformation;

Combined, to black-swan Hawaii; by, goaded false driven “fact” of contagion and driven climate change false model; all, to have been engaged in holocausting Hawaiians; documentary, prima facie evidence is of CB-cowo product monopolized, owned, and being used to devastating harm;

Evidence, is of foreign interference in various official position taken; not, under statute; that, what’s allowed has been policy pursued; which, DEW weapon use has been for thirty years; no, attention criminally existed to a holocausted fire inferno; where, in Lahaina Maui some thousand or more is unaccounted for; including, children;

Hawaii, before Covid made the bulk of its currency by tourism which has been crashed; because, of a wrong climate changed model; and, no claim behind the policy of contagion having existed apparently; CB-cowo (Criminal Banking Cartel of a One World Order) is a hand above all;

Maui, holocaust is deliberate; it’s, been observed; transparency, doesn’t exist; harmful, toxic emission has been ongoing by “company” CB-cowo owners and controllers;

Aerosol, particulate which is toxic around DEW weapon with a weather warfare; endless, lies told to a malicious blocking of truth and transparency; and, an utter lack of consideration; to, have any informed consent; to, be put to have no awareness of what is underground that’s “off-terrain;” as, international connected military base;

It’s, the children that are missing; and, many unaccounted for; what, could go wrong looked like it was planned to on the day; an, inquiry is independent for Hawaiian officials to be subpoenaed to testify; as, to the relevance of conflicted interest existing;

As to weather, such officials have been applied with a narrative from CB-cowo; to, have mislead we the beloved people in the matters present in the lands of Hawaii ongoing at this moment; a, grand jury of we the beloved people inquiry is to how CB-cowo system itself is accountable for the Maui holocaust;

Climate, policy is for a full transparency; and, a big AGRI PHARMA medical industry’s revolving door in regulatory body being manipulated; to, which the past hundred years Hawaiians have been impacted by CB-cowo system since nineteen thirteen; to, be dominated by a monopoly and a court system imposed that stole venue from the public courthouse;

Controlled, monopoly of energy, also institute a think tank organization is criminally being used to whiplash; to, control extreme shifts sudden in weather around the globe; to, the effect of weather warfare in a global criminal coalition; such, is to be shown discovered; the

Fact that children are part of the missing is the cause of this to be of spurious and exogus concern; to, uncover how the criminal holocaust also others the same around the globe has incurred to we the beloved people of Lahaina and Maui; and, the Maui republic;

It’s, past time for the hand above we the people which is CB-cowo owned and prepared corporation; to, have charges of genocide be discharged for such treasonous genocidal acts; the, question is:

Did all get misled and does official misconduct exist? What change needs to be for all to be made whole again? Love, jubbdavid;


Original research published

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