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What’s Legal Yet Not Lawful

What’s lawful is all that’s put we the people selected; what, wasn’t put through a process such is a code under the law; a, corporation can’t make law for all of us; it, can make it for “itself”; and, put in a “shall” and “will” as a future; today, and anytime you can see such a system can be abused because what’s written up is a unilateral contract; meaning, one side wrote it up usually to protect that one side’s equity; being, bias generally toward such matter of fact; so

Where, a fiction is like a corpse you’ve to volunteered to be a fiction yourself to have joined to such; so, after that everybody there is under legal name fraud and common law trespass; typically, because it’s by presumption twelve or more not discussed; which, document just drafts all to have performed and given your real substance to fiction instead;

Where, minutes only is made and not a true common law court of record trial by jury process; to, join you to a fiction you’ve to have been made into a fiction yourself; because, a system used is what comes from dealing with merely commercial things; when, the living being is not a commercial thing;

Article III, and article IV court is though; otherwise, a draconian Roman system called Lex Fori is placed over a process; and, truth cannot prevailed a process can have stymied you;

Under vice admiralty law is not from the land; yet, only of a corporation; what, could be “at” or “in” which a living being cannot? The, practice of accounting simply like a banking process comes from what got set up from the king’s exchequer; a

Craft, learned as rhodonite mercer; who, enforced usury to collect the king’s private DEBT; so, that is an example of unilateral; what’s, legal yet consideration has to be shown and generally who can’t nor can proper consent; so, it’s lawful advice that you receive advice to protect your private right and not have something put into “legalese” like another language like Vietnamese; yet

What, is placed because of fiction because corpus delecti exists; meaning, no body is in that; and, that a body is to be produced; meaning, just a corpse with a complaint which isn’t a claim; is, what all is drafted to be as to make an appearance; like, a reflection in a mirror; the

Process, itself is a common law trespass; and, done by legal name fraud upon your bonds and currency called from the common trust; a, slippery slope of some fact possible yet doesn’t exist; and, only by presupposition not fact; and, without a claimant; it’s the

Venue, from the land and for you not to be held under a system of commerce; because, it’s not proper procedure; monopolized, press uses Ai to generate any number of brainwashing; so

Minutes, not a proper court of record isn’t testimony; if it’s not as an affidavit; for, this which we’re talking about is put under penalty of perjury under laws of the land not commerce; so

What’s, legal is only a unilateral contract even; then, at the courthouse taken over by a guild and also a JAG (judge advocate general) who is working for the CROWN; for, the CORPS doesn’t have a natural right; so, if you thought just to be a CORPSE you don’t either;

One, president a long time ago complained bitterly matter of fact that the king’s agents could just get away with murder and treason; yet, where rights are abridged and legal battery done it was by you being chattel in a picture of a wrong procedure; to, be dealt with of some “predetermined condition;” or

At, least two hundred laws exist on the books that is legal yet not lawful; because, the prosecutor can use such to lie and hide exculpatory evidence; when, none in that group see the light of day; and the

Decor, shown the creditor over the nation that the crown is who’s over the top of any past official; yet, that’s not we the people; which, an article III or article IV court is; so the

Chain, of command is from we the people down; not, the other way around okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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