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What’s Mutually Beneficial: Living In a New Mindset

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

In, a new mindset you’re visiting what’s irregular to correct such; you, look at any charge and see this as discharged; you, republic this credit back to we the people; and, this is revenue; it’s, the venue from the land that has to be corrected; which, it’s a crime that’s been stolen at the courthouse;

Under, international law you’re free after two hundred ten years; where, bondage is finished; it’s, two hundred forty years in fact since that was; by, article IV and III court in proper procedure where the living are joined with the living you can program and plug what’s selected versus having to have reacted to have unplugged an deprogram; yet

To, make whole remediation has to be and also compensation; and, preventative measure; yet, there shouldn’t be a third party interloper anymore in your transaction speculating your currency for instance; none, want to have remained a hu-mineral;

Many, have been put out of work as Ai writes your NEWS; no, one had selected the big MIC and no-one cared to be medicated without consent nor to be put under medical battery in your local courthouse; because, all such could have lost control;

It, costs too much to maintain and burn down “build it back better;” where, the means justifies the ends is unethical; to, bathe everyone in EMF radiation twenty-four/seven was because common law trespass and legal name fraud done on all as a crime;

This, website is put as a neural link to your brain; so, the living is joined with the living; you’re, not just a hu-mineral being mined for anything anymore; the, pen is mightier than the sword; big CORPS(E) is owned and sold we the people out; which, is corrected by chain of command above the corporation; the

Economy, is positively inducted not negatively inducted; who, has benefited collected tax and never paid any “itself;” the, work here is more about you becoming more integrated, congruent, and associated; you’re, in whole brain patterning to look at what needs to be corrected simply;

What’s, not ecological can’t be defended; and, where no claim existed that can’t be defended either; you, and i go beyond only having been chattel and have natural title restored; for, to be selected of a future isn’t being neglected; having, natural immunity isn’t being infected;

What’s, transparent is no longer a toxin undetected; what’s, put is safe for it’s not that it’s just gone to be only inspected that you just got injected in the past was a walk-in cost far too much as an error made not corrected;

Statistics, of the death by the jab you’d say hasn’t been properly forthcoming has it? Nor, the reason for the persistent contrail; the, climate controller’s dollar energy and agriculture; it’s, really CB-cowo that’s monopolized narrative of a monologue; all can see such censorship is no longer; the, public is invited; transparency is where a matter must be; love, jubbdavid;


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