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When Criminals Use What Is “Legal” Yet Not Lawful

How do you feel there being over two hundred laws on the books under vice-admiralty which allow a prosecutor to lie? CB-cowo is making what’s unlawful “legal;” which, all right exists to stop; none, is made to judge in their own cause; for, other what is natural is your common custom, common law stems from; this is what is sovereign; for, what CB-cowo has made “legal” which is not lawful, the “doctrine of necessity” arises;

Vice admiralty court protects the CROWN not we the people; yet, you’re to follow what is lawful by the doctrine of necessity; you’re to resist what is not lawful where no informed consent exists lawful; all set up as a declaration of war against your nation; to black swan; for, this what is not lawful to what is essential to we the people as beneficiary as substance; for, CB-cowo, “the provider of a service” must show consideration if any was given; yet

A, rouse in the past, many were murdered; genocided; it is because the state which is owned privately is a corporation being run by its financiers can have created some state of a false exigum circumstance; which, is the real exigem circumstance; what is made up, like a SCAMDEMIC; a, STATE can have enacted upon you and i which is totally unlawful also illegal; the means is not equal to the end;

As, the ultimate purpose of the exigent circumstance is to cause maximum harm for the nation; obviously, there is no such thing as an election having been not been stolen nor properly verified; a state, a family, a beloved in immediate peril existence, such is brought about not by one's own doing; a state doesn’t have a right; if the state doesn’t have a right there is a privilege and duty to exist the state is a fiction; who is behind the STATE has no right to violate a nation nor beloved’s right;

If, you're a dummy CORPSE president, being brainwashed, to say in one’s life “I’m a fatalist; things are fixed;” when that is not absolutely truth; you’re not just a cog in the wheel; you can have only been made with that statement things are fixed; like, you’re just going to be made into a floating piece of driftwood; a statement like, “things are fixed,” can give you an idea of a bias of large chunk of piece of information; which, could have lead to your observing of course, who didn’t take proper action either;

They would only be acting from a cognitively dissonant process; for, justice to be liberty is for all to be equal under the law; otherwise, justice isn’t; justice must “appear” to be done; not just to be done; for, you need to be able to have let the other side be heard; for, the doctrine of necessity is not an exception to any principal of natural justice; like, the rule against bias; where someone can claim a false emergency to have taken your natural rights away; yet

To be impartial, you’d have to see also being devoid of any unfairness; for, what a state is made legal which isn’t lawful it is your right to have resisted; you can see there is an absence of an determining authority at the moment above all not following any rule at all above vice-admiralty court; a, rule against a bias is defeated by the doctrine of necessity; the doctrine of necessity is applied by a critical situation such as we have at the moment in the world, under CB-cowo;

You as well as i are to bridge the gaps which we can see, wondering what is innovative which can resolve usury also the tyranny under CB-cowo once now for all time; rather, than leaving all totally unaddressed; it is wise for you as well as i to decide the case at hand; for, we the people is this authority; there is no other authority, or judge, who have decided the same;

Keep in mind, the definition of intelligence; which, is the capacity you as well as i have to have gone beyond any prefixed set pattern of response to have survived; one must invoke common law courts as a check and balance on government; which, only under vice-admiralty law is the problem; you, have a system which is set up not to try a fact, or hear the law; so

You’re looking at trillions of dollars of theft no looked into; also, issues like murder; also, the Franklin Cover-up, or Nine-Eleven; a, president being murdered; all, not to investigate under vice-admiralty; okay? Love jubbdavid;


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