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Whole Brain Functioning Changes What’s Listened To

Key point: pleasure and interest cause gamma wave and a complimentary synchronization creating whole brain patterning; which, is critical to proper neural-processing; this

Researcher, looked into how the hemispheres of the brain participate in mood; to, see how left hemisphere is engaged more in the mediation of pleasure; and, the right hemisphere more involved in the mediation of aversion;

Therapeutic, transformation relies upon whole brain patterning syntax; and, interest and pleasure allow access to the frontal cortex; and, the medial areas of your brain;

Visual, and auditory hallucination occurs when the right hemisphere is active without the support of the left hemisphere; which, aversion as a state can have caused; the

Left, hemisphere connects you and i to the outside world; by, virtue of language exchanged; also, kinesthetic motor sequencing; whereas, the right hemisphere by being connected far more to the medial fore brain bundle; which, connects neurologically to internal milieu;

One, could determine observed movement on the outside; hemisphere, engaging in robust states of pleasure and aversion; studies, that had been done hadn’t at the time been able to view internal processing; via, looking at body movement whole and part; also, language and the analog of such; to

Characterize, behavior that’s positive versus negative; outcome, orientated versus problematic; resource orientated versus what’s lacking; gamma, wave is occurring as both of your hemisphere are more synchronized together each complimenting each other;

Body, movement acts as a an accessing cue; accessing, state specific behavior; and, for such to occur to hemispheres compliment; yet, where aversion is the connection between the two hemispheres reduces the amount of association to be receptive and to track specific pieces of behavior; this

Researcher’s, work showed how pleasure and interest stimulate septal function; which, is anatomy that meets the middle part of your brain relating to emotion; with, the frontal cortex; which, is engaged in one’s faculty to inspire creative influence of the future; and, showed how disturbance behaviorally impacts how someone recalls what was said; to

Bias, and have psychological mutism for new information; where, when one was in a state of dissonance new information couldn’t be taken on much because frontal cortex was without proper neural integration; and, a lack of gamma wave synchronization always observed when such is the case;

What, is impressed unified that you hear is given to you; you’ve got proper complimentary conditioning occurring with hemispheres of your brain; this, researcher has developed Jubb’s Instrument; which, could determine the degree to which one is in whole brain functioning versus not;

Jubb’s Instrument, showed how in a mood impacts neural condition to either cause whole brain functioning or limited mind functioning; the, strength of neural efficiency is shown as integration is existing in the way the vestibular meta modality as a sense is being used;

Behavior, either comes from whole brain patterning or can have been functioning from a great lack of capacity to have functional plasticity instead; some, have easy ability to visualize pattern; manipulate, visual patterns in their head; and, others can have much poorer capacity for such; yet

Research, shows it’s how you’re using your neurology in your own personal development; only, a frozen snap shot had existed; and, so to answer questions more relating to a moving picture going on within the brain this researcher developed an instrument called Jubb’s Instrument; which, can be learned;

You, begin to apply whole brain patterning by looking at and taking aboard whole brain functioning preferred patterning; to, remain associated, congruent, and integrated more; so, what could have been ambiguous in a listening task; of course what you hear in your right ear goes to your left hemisphere and vice versa overall;

Depending, on neurology as a preferred style a degree of cognitive literacy is; the, mechanism behind such is from our involuted past; we, as a specie are instinctively social and whole brain functioning has grown out of anatomy that implicates interest;

You, can consider that where internal dialogue was inside one can have had to ask again what someone else said; what’s heard doesn’t reach our ears each in the same way; and, one can determine by echolocation sound direction and other qualities; yet for

Listening, this researcher shows how information is combined by both ears; an, input to one ear or the other influences neurology; yet, distinguishes insight; one, part of the brain engages analogical component and internal milieu; which, the right hemisphere is involved more in; and, the

Left, engaging external milieu and sequencing kinesthetic movement; how, you use the vestibular sense is key; and, emotion allows you either to be going toward something or automatically having moved away;

Being, associated more toward a direction toward beginning; where, dissociate is the opposite; how, you feel influences very much what you take aboard; all, have a familiar voice and it’s out of ten thousand tones is this voice that you pay attention to; okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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