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A Great Public Speaker is A Good Listener

Influence also entertaining an audience is your doing so in a deliberate manner; for, structured public speaking engagement is called oration; such, public speaking skill is as you are a good listener; this, is one of the best talents you have in addressing an audience; one, who is really good at public speaking always is applying all the senses in a manner of a preferred mode of sorting information by feeling, hearing, and seeing;

All, is organized in a manner most effective to attain a purpose; to, be good at such you watch for feedback; for, your focus always, as a good public speaker, is on the audience; you, can feel engaged reaction so you pace the maker of your audience; you, can get on your audiences ‘level;’ for, it’s about your audience as the reason all are listening to you;

For, it’s an expected benefit for the investment of time; of, course to be an expert in some topic yet you’re seen grabbing the audience attention straight away; you, become evermore captivating you seem as real as a ‘person;’ you’re, engaging your audiences senses of course; for, tonal quality, pitch, rhythm, timbre, and volume all being important;

You, learn how to assume excellence; apply, analogue sculpting and whole body calibration; you’re, good at applying non-verbals; for, all such is assisting you communicate words; for, as your heart is out in front, your shoulders are back; you, exude confidence and charisma; for, you’re really good with facial expression;

You, sign, what’s said; i, see you make use of the stage; i, also see you exit always with your eyes, connecting digitally with all beloved in your audience; you, assume excellence so speaking is you’re applying good articulation; glossophobia is fear of public speaking; you, can have cleared such away; no, anxiety is nor internal dialogue;

For, instead you’ve installed positive anchored states; being, relaxed; you’re giving time to your audience; such, time to digest what’s said; with, your style as you gain control you use a kinesthetic, auditory visual to maintain rapport with audience; you’re, not one to fill pauses with scene; for, you continuously shape self by identifying areas where one can improve;

For, to be eloquent to be effective; so, it’s when snakes are fine, scorpions are okay, surfing where possibly sharks could be is even acceptable; and, flying no problem; yet, put me in front of an audience and such is described as one of the “greatest fears;” as, you let your being totally come through is in human story telling; you’re applying effective verbal and nonverbal whole brain functioning pattern;

So, obviously it’s noted you always grab attention right at the beginning; so, you should always end with something dynamic; for, concluding and integrating is a moment you’re future pacing such instruction the audience can recall later; for, you can have taken time to model other good public speakers; for, your feeling is really good that you dedicate time to perfecting your art;

For, you you put ethic to principal to be more in the foreground; because, you i see make your audience ‘root for you’; throwing, out useful questions; i, see you also stick with the subject matter also note great practice; for, a public speaker you remain practiced; you’re, installing manner you elicit openness; it’s, with openness and welcome feeling you i see is relatable;

For, i see you command eccentricity; you’re, showing you’re really a good listener having awareness; for, these points made above, a good public speaker doesn’t “beat around the bush;” okay, love jubbdavid;


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