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Government Offices For Rent

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Is it possible for you to consider any official’s occupation of a government office to be free of favor given to get such? It's a two-tiered system of justice otherwise isn’t it?

Could, you say that where you are it doesn’t exist that under CB-cowo system all have around the world that an anti-bribery oath and insurance and also foreign agent’s registration oath and insurance; exists, as paperwork under statute and code that the corporation is to function from; an

Official’s, personal discretion is supposed to have we the peoples’ equity interest being protected; natural, right is upheld; due, diligence has been done; one, can say a claim has been seen and can express the face validity of such; yet

Is it true that you’ve selected that official or did money get used to actually buy the office is the question; where, an individual makes contribution is it a single campaign contribution?

Who got selected and how did that occur for that office? Because, fraud and graft does exist; paperwork, also doesn’t exist; it’s, a verified fact that such paperwork doesn’t; such, multiple campaign contribution is more often than not a gravy train; for, it’s not possible for a area for instance that has lots of elderly people apparently having made campaign contribution; and the

DA’s, office and how such is selected; you’d, see often than not extremely questionable condition behind such; a, great controversy often exists also because contributions can show foreign influence outside the district

Awareness, because of valid obvious questions of no longer having something verified; which, because of the use of a fictional emergency of contagion; which, a claim has never been shown to support such quite the opposite matter of fact; and so where such money is controlled of everyone’s credit what’s, legal is pushed isn’t a coincidence;

Many, suspicious anomalies exist in the contributions about how could it be so many identical amounts for instance; yet, those who make contributions can have had multiple addresses in various states;

You, see a gravy train coming from underneath CB-cowo system of usury and negative inductance to control a nation single-handedly; you, see violation under the statute of your not supposed to have any influence to have gained an office; yet, that’s a fact that needs to get cleaned up; for

It’s, criminal that an organization with a scale that’s so significant has nefarious connection to gilded legal firms in a nation; and, connected to alphabet soup land agency work to sensor and control big TECH and social platform; as the

Issue, is vetted in what’s trending around the globe; so, where a nation’s electoral outcome for instance is influenced; apparently, legally yet unlawful and illegal as well can clearly be identified as such is operating; you’d, be hard pressed to say that it’s not; because, clearly you can see how evidence exists of asymmetric warfare on a nation; who, has a CORPS that is an enemy of that CORPSE;

It’s, an infiltrated Alphabet Soup Land of CB-cowo system; directing, attention and dismissing reports filed all where alarms were raised; whistleblowers, have been retaliated against; and, all is contextual validity is to show that suspicious financial institute and numerous pacts; all, is applied to achieve one overall goal; and, it’s a RICO network; funded, by black-budget stolen; currency, not investigated yet should be; for such

A, charge should be discharged to republic such credit as revenue back to we the people; where, you see a turned blind eye to violation going on it’s a willful don’t investigate passed down from the top doctrine; which, is criminal protecting crime from being exposed;

Fraud, detection and compliance of filed suspicious activity; where, does such go as an alarm has been raised; and, what’s the reason of the chain of command and failure to have acted; it, is because it’s only a CORPS in a CORPS; fiction within fiction; and, all giving substance to fiction instead in the system; might, this be something you and i should look at? Because isn’t it we the people who have failed to act?

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