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Having Corrected What is Irregular

The, chain of command comes from we the people in a grand jury which is a common law court of record trial by jury process; such, happens under its own seal and is a sample of convenience selected; it is the common law supreme court which can make law and look at with contract is followed; which, it has been not and such needs to be initiated; you, receive a benefit as all remain as one whole community; which, is we the people which is the power; that’s

Not something someone could have done alone; what do you do on a daily basis that you can say you are lifting a finger for this movement where you are? You, can see how challenging it is for anyone on a daily basis to see truth attacked; and, a force under CB-cowo (which is a criminal banking cartel of a one world order) which is setup to actively prevent and is disbanded;

Today, unless you do you part you can see in the past certainly everybody has just got lemminged; this, website is setup as an open forum given to the leadership you have lawful verified valuable information; as, to be vested it’s possible for you to forward; for

Certainly, deep polarization is from the felt suffering of beloved around the globe; it’s, ninety seconds before doom yet what’s this entail that mayhem is stopped? Truth, speakers bright out CB-cowo as a system; because, all of it is performed from legal name fraud and common law trespass;

Body, politic as party and the system is seen as damaged and irregular and needing to be corrected; such, political parties in chaos flounder as such is of an overall design purposefully; for

We, the people was not involved in conquest or war; yet, CB-cowo as a system has; and, so as a patsie put that meddled it’s a sorry thing; and, it’s like trillions are missing stolen; and, you saw nothing done about that; until, article III and article IV courts get kicked off in your nation;

All, nation can re-establish proper realistic international relation; where, an alliance of law movement and ‘alm’ is as a unit of currency positively inducted; not, negatively; a,

Vision is made for successful agreement that brings peace; and, posterity is no longer useful; what, gets resolved of course is what was covid as a fiasco as a treasonous act and a cover up that gets blown open;

Black-swans, take flight; for, what gets stopped is the whole insider program; because, such is recognized for what that is and all get compensated; the, credit owed all for the next two hundred ten years as a republic at peace; where

Voting, happens from a verified server; an, interest in liberty, justice, and freedom and common law comes to be again as CB-cowo system is corrected; the, darkest of events that was a deluge and burn state by weather-warfare is stopped;

You, have a real true name; and, a living status and it’s no longer a sacred cow that the real estate is you who is the living being; and, the worth of such is unlimited; all, other commodity doesn’t have the same value as you do; because, you have credit that’s owed you for the next two hundred ten years; the

Nation, moves more to positive induction; currency, isn’t made anymore from DEBT; yet, credit owed for the next two hundred ten years as a republic at peace is formed; and, article III and article IV court which is proper check and balance on government exists;

We, the people haven’t been engaged even the system with how children are educated properly; the, scamdemic was setup to genocide and control and black-swan; and, mostly everyone just becomes fed up with the monopolized view; the

Chain, of command is from we the people who is of joinery; and, who else is from joinery who is living; for, the pressure at borders stops because liberty being equal under the law comes to be instituted; the

Globe, only came to be taken over by debauchery because of the evil system of usury that had been before this new epoch is ushered in; all, see for distracted reasons how the plandemic and a warful laundered currency for the FEW; and

Took, away by confiscation most of all the private property of we the people over the globe; to, do such CB-cowo always had been ongoing polarizing everyone through “its” monopolized media;

Small, businesses have all been crashed; and, DEW weapons have been used ongoing; all, is exposed; and, the fraud in nation’s which have had election interference;

Governance, becomes decentralized; as, quorum sensing exists in the system of smart contract; where, currency as the alm is raised equal to the nation’s product and service; which, is passive at nature in the raising of currency;

Trafficking, the real estate which is you no longer exists; because, legal name fraud doesn’t exist anymore; nor, does common law trespass either for your bonds; for, credit in the past had been directed wrongfully in a manner that was to overall not let substance be;

law, and order comes back to be because all comes from the land as a venue again; and, you can’t put living beings to only have been chattel in the matter of one’s own claim; the

Despicable, enabler patsie get rounded up; charges, get discharged and the re-venue of such is re-publiced back to we the people; it’s, collecting currency so that it has an intrinsic value; and, value in perpetuity to function as water does; to

Transfer, goods and service simple; not, to be speculated in; which, you see the effect of usury; which, always in the past ends with war; yet, how about you see how the pen is mightier than the sword? Love, jubbdavid;


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