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i Awareness in Personal Development

The question is: how can you become properly personally developed the fastest? For, this you need to know who you are; to, know what’s real and what’s imaginary; the, challenge is noted, observed that what’s real is beyond the mind; having, isolated, divided, considered “separate things”, seeing only a part and not the whole;

For, the past and the future awareness is noted observed in timelessness; for, now it’s what’s a logical continuum being present to be receptive; many, fallacious forms of reasoning exist; like, slippery slope and ad hoc; where, ad hoc fallacious reasoning is some cause and effect was put because of time; yet, nothing is bound by its content; neither, is the stellar universe;

For, nothing is without this stellar space of i; i, being empty space; and, am being all the matter of concern; for, nothing else is absolute; all, else arise illusionary to be transient; to, be fictional; for, nothing in particular is of a cause of itself; none, could stay the stellar space of the universe as i in a jc quanta doesn’t contribute to the smallest also largest thing;

For, most people causality is fallacious reasoning; it’s, because an infinite potential is what is functional totally; such, is structurally of a plasticity; for, the universe can make all happen without any energy expenditure; obviously, one needed a parent; yet, wasn’t also desire which gave you to be conceived in birth?

For, all which is transient isn’t what is real; one, needs to question how one is extended beyond the body; for, the mind is the body’s experience of itself; trusting, and having faith is you being here now; for, whatever pleases one can know such can have been holding you back; for, all is merely two things only; as, seeking love or crying out for such as changeless bliss;

For, i is stellar in space as universe is complete; i, presupposes this changeless background; what’s, changeful is perceived upon; for, i is limitless superconscious where grace is given to all; for, this is residing in all being permeating universal space; a, jc quanta is within and without is polar complete; such, is beyond the limitation imposed of the mind;

For, found agreement is with your adversary; so, what can you raise a flag on to get some sticky factor about? For, the seeker is really in search of self only; and, to ask to be aware of who you are the quickest way you can do this is by polarizing to one’s own first attention; it’s, it by negation one can realize limitless being the quickest;

For, pain doesn’t exist where nothing lacks; for, in i all is complete; a, part of this great cosmic wheel of life seen relative to the whole is complete; all, noted is seen integrated in flow; for, isolating and having separated out parts is deficient; for, what’s fallacious was all pain was; and, joy also as sorrow; for, i isn't of a desirable or aversive mental set;

As, a mind creates the abyss one’s heart followed crosses over such; for, being desireless is the finest feeling of bliss; for, all suffering is only born of having been in a mindstate of desire; for, what you speak is what you live and what you live is what you speak next; as, the mind remains still, quiet, also transparent you’re in a ‘discovery mode’ suddenly; for

Your full self is open to receive all; to, do such one can ask ‘who am i?’; and, by finding quickly ‘what you're not’ all clears away which is illusionary; for this is the birth of wisdom inside you; for, all here then is pure also unalloyed; for, this is real; not, transient perception; for, this i is absolute in you is certain as this i is permeating stellar universal space borderless; within, also without all;

For, this i is polar complete; while, knowing who i is you are woken to what you’re not as said; for, the greater clarity you’ve gained in innerstanding the mind by having described what you’re not is the fastest way you can have ended your searching for personal development; ongoing being in i of a changeless bliss;

For, being then is beyond desire and fear; for, all knowing; for, this i in you is for eternity; while, being in this moment this moment lasts forever; for, what is unknown is i; being, who is real; beyond the body as absolute as empty space; for, as the mind has fallen still, quiet, also transparent one discovers ‘i am’;

Bliss, arises from this empty void; where joy is a state of transference; only, against a background of pain; yet, where bliss is arisen from emptiness naturally you exude charisma; you’ve abandoned coming from memory and also having expectation; for, such innerstanding leads you deeply into peace; for, reality relies upon your own objectivity; so to

Find, i being i aware such is made the quickest; you can have found out what you’re not; i, awareness is being in bliss; changeless; all, as i is this as a background canvas; from, this changeless being one perceives what is changeful; love jubbdavid;


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