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Leadership Is Having Generosity, Discernment And Virtue

Discernment, my teacher told me was what i needed to have was something which could take a little time to have properly; for, having good discernment, one is being more in perfect detachment; if, one is generous but has no discernment, such isn’t going to go anywhere; if, one is generous having discernment, unless such is virtuous, it’s not going to go anywhere; for, might it be for you to examine your world you have, to suddenly find your discernment is more set in mind;

The, challenge can have been reality; which, is you easily seeing unity consciousness versus frozen logos; for, you’re looking at what is inclusive being sensitive to what is exclusive; attribute which is more inclusive is word which could possible reach; yet, the depth of your mind a word maybe doesn’t touch; for, the mind should be more with your feelings first; having, a preference for what you’re feeling inside;

After that, you can then have something auditory, or visual; discernment, is perfect detachment; for, this is who is living; this, is not a subject; what, is not you; what, shows a heady person; when, somebody says what they want to startle others and if they didn’t know it they are; subject, having perfect detachment messages you read for others is supreme;

You’re focusing on who is living; who, is real; for, this is you in perfect detachment having an empty center having care simple; for, you you are in the presence of god now; the, world and the universe is uncreated; cause and effect is not perhaps what you thought; for, it’s happening at a given location; time, also for, this is you this witness in i awareness; where, your mind is practiced as you’be traveled; where, you’ve been is a bridge between i awareness and what is super conscious;

For, what is happening to you is everything; everything is bliss; you, i see have perfectly gone beyond identifying self having had various tendency; indeed, yess indeed; therefore, obviously then one is in perfect detachment; obviously then; you’ve, got to the bottom; it’s where you find laughter spontaneous arise from seeming nothing; for one can act as fine day; it could be scorching, even wrenched; yet, i see you being of no worries;

I see some time ago something happened to you; you, became free of slave thought; for, you in i awareness to slave; for is no desire left; you’re being able to have more perfect exchange; for, such is changeless awareness against the transient B field; the, key point here: as your change is full, one is living with perfect detachment;

Your, innerstanding is integrated with nature; for, nothing characterizes you is needed for you to be identified; yet, in this world of i awareness, no idea or even distinction exists; words, can only go so far not to really reach most; yet, as i see you have good focus you’re aware of the non-verbals; you, make use of the non-verbals; this, is you as i;

For, who is real is living between the beats; for, here in such a stillness, of silence, is this singing; from, a beauty of such a void of emptiness; filled up, with luminous quality; you, light up what happens i see you feel is bliss; for, to know who you are is dead to what is asked; for, such is to find this bottom line; for, all which you are not; it, is an “easy path to take, it’s quick;” the, best way is to focus on what you’re not; so, you can experience bliss; such

Isn’t the desire for bliss; which, is a certain presupposed pain; for, the keypoint of where we are here is; for, as you give up your desire for pleasure; pain, is absolutely unknown to you; for, your “world to have been false”; the, “planner”, also “creator” must have been too; therefore, one can have good focus as you do in reality; versus, a world only having been inside one’s head; for, it is the body, then, the mind and spirit; so

Body, is your feeling; mind, is what is sound for you; spirit, is this aspect of yourself; which, is about enlightenment; for, you’re the one you can see this which is absolute; you, get one one hundred percent receptivity; you’re in this i aware state having an empty center simply caring; it’s, called the path of hollow bone; with, the toltec original; for

Such, no work is of any struggle necessary; for, such is a steady state flow; like, a stream of liberation; flowing, deep inside self; being in uptime, being in uptime you’re in i awareness; asking, having discernment this is your perfect detachment; you apply a thirty-seventy rule; with, a question, the sound coming from you is thirty percent; the, sound which comes from who you’re partnering you’re getting seventy percent;

Who, is asking the question is running the show; who, is sitting that can ask is the assking; it, is the question of your discernment you’re having inside now you’re being with perfect detachment; it, is the amount of the grist of your gained rapport of how to win friends and influence beloved; you, make friends not just a mere acquaintance; for,

It’s rapport really you have which allows you to reach and obtain outcome; it’s your omnipresent self that is looking over where you’ve left-yourself behind; it’s where you’re looking upon yourself; this, is the path of hollow bones; a, shaman, which is an ancient word of the toltec grows across the world; which, this master who is the master of self, is this servant’s servant; to, be without boundary intimacy is with life; life is within you, versus “you being in life”; the world is within you; rather, than you having thought “you’re in a world;” for, you i see you experience all as bliss; such, really isn’t the desire for bliss as spoken; for, that would have just presupposed pain; a, world to have been false as spoken a PLAN must have been also;

Be, focused on what’s real versus some world inside one’s head; for, what is only relative it’s what you’re looking at which is moor absolute; you’re getting one hundred percent receptivity; this, is a state of a total presence; for, such no work really is needed; the, bottom line is: this, path of hollow bone you need to read more about it; maybe, you could learn more from; or, pick up a copy of jubb’s little red book; because, maybe just maybe, you can have left your mind alone;

For, can you be devotion itself? For, being in your total i tea; that’s your proper cup of tea; that’s your proper tea; for, being in our totality is pure being beyond the mind; for, i awareness is my nature; it’s the state of this father you’re listening to; you, get your way of life ongoing; for, such could never be simply turned on or off; love jubbdavid;

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