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Perceptual Filters In Leadership Is

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Perception, can be merely of a situational changing awareness; one can have a transparency bias; yet what face valid also satisfies a construct; also ,what is valid in a contextual; manner yet, what might you say you have learned about how a perceptual filter is about fact isn’t of transient perception;

It's, we the people who have the authority to write law; and, to elect investigation, judges, and establish common law at a crime scene; proper, procedure is at a federal level which is a supreme court selected by we the people; where, you select a bailiff straight away as a sheriff; to, discharge the charge of genocide; it's, you preferring beauty and civic responsibility under oath; it's, the grand jury of twenty six people who of a real true name can clear up the white collar crime above all; such

A, people of grand jury is a court that can protect from unlawful government offices infiltrated; where, such offices have obviously been for sale; it's, essential you look at your perceptual filter right now to have gained proper venue;

All, do have several channel below so what is skimmed from which shapes what is said; who also whats independent not conflicted or monopolized; news from those on a boat shows a smoking gun validated evidence the wind was made by a machine; when, no wind is at sea yet massive wind is on the land is yet one other example; how much more rock solid proof do you need of Geo-engineered wind as an act of war? A

Weather-machine, controlled by CB-cowo; all, was observed through the night from sail-boats; all do show you no proper water movement [nor wind] to coincide with hurricane wind from the ocean; that, could have been equivalent to how fast something could have kicked up over the land to be localized; so, who is before what; so, what is before when; as, when is always before where; while, where is always with the procedure followed to come to how; this is an

How, your perceptual filter is like who says what to who? all is evident of how perceptual filters exist below conscious your random phoneme generates all from an organized artificial un-natural scenario, all existing being channels of stored information from the senses; also, ordered attention is relevant to an internal valued set of acted ongoing perceptual filter; which, is arranged;

In, other words to get to how you have to know who; also, something of spurious exogus purpose; children, are in common law put before other separate matter; we, the people as 'what' is selected always before what is not popular; where, disturbance is people who cried wolf eventually didn’t get any help; yet, to go overboard where anyone is with assistance it is because one has to have assistance beyond self; yet a

Karen, or a ken and a barbie behave obviously isn’t a connected value of a proper set integrated inside; perceptual, filter at least several placed in an order of import a random phoneme generator draws from; where, the peter principle is of promoted self-incompetence you see these values mixed up; you, can tell if someone is not in their own self autonomy; for

Where, a pattern is undisturbed to order one grows within a unit as a team as a family; yet, family can have been stolen by design; and, stealing title away is what happened to this father and his son; right, flows from title; an, all caps thinking is blinded up; nothing, is sensory perceptive for fiction to connect with fiction; it’s,

Only, you taking action to discharge the charges of genocide; room, is existing that is mutually beneficial modeled upon nature; all, more is saved; if, a poor skill is built upon who, what, when, where, also how is in order you’re aware to response; you’ve got the subject also the objectivity about such as well as what activeness is such is about; so

Each official's personal discretion done with due diligence is of a proper perceptual filter; what's important is put; for, who is this to? And, who is given what through one who hasn’t the value of who or even the subject; yet, is focused on a time frame of something commercial; and, where and how something is occurred; yet, who and what isn’t in the picture;

Children, missing in Maui is the first homely import quickly get resolved of perceptual filter impact perception; if, not in proper order; like, if someone has when or where before who or what is existed; so, to be vaxxed to genocide the unborn and permanently harm the gene; to, be purposeful; it’s, like a big tech billionaire could kick off a smart city;

None, know how many children are missing as a holocaust in Maui; all, see murder by friendly fire is a fact in defensive forces; which, is unacceptable; yet, if you’ve got only a win-lose gain you go by; when, no rule exist it certainly terrifying to see yourself by alphabet soup land; not, to be able to be traveling toward blue sky in a fire chaos; yet to see al barricaded not to be able to have escaped;

You’re looking at an elite global economy; collapsed, under CB-cowo system; the, protective political elite predator you see of a huge success confiscated title; like, water not having be directed properly; this, author has taught leadership training participating having organized all to have proper perceptual filter; so, one’s perception is more embellished as an accurate map of the territory; which, now as an official you’re coming from a full context; which,

If something is been redacted what is the motivation behind opposition for instance; this, author has made material which can withstand ten thousand degrees of heat; and, not take on any heat at all; for, truth spoken only is passed on by word of mouth where, censorship is; so, resolution is straight away to ban the jab; it’s

Your, town that’s set up to become the next Maui; to, have barricaded conditions as the local courthouse just to indite is to continuously incite; yet, to stop beloved from harm yet certainly not stopping those from escaping fire and certain death; and, for no union between coordinated force nothing setup to be in the modern world proper as to guard against energy attack; and for

Conflicted, roles within the corporation which doesn’t hold up under the laws from the land under the united states of America; so, the role of who is put in charge can’t have any conflicted interest; and, a mandate cannot be without a claim shown; however, you do see a black-swan on your economy don’t you? And, DEW triggered fire-storm;

Where, a story line is about how homeland security promoted themselves; yet, completely not about the subject utterly; about, how the children were treated; and, where are they? Everybody, knows that the COVID toxin is a GMO medical experiment; and, guides to licensed to lie to parents about the safety of an inject-able;

Nano-scale, non-ecological toxin; when, you see two cars in a field and the metal is all melted just got kind of gravel field around it; two, miles away and nothing much burned around it, how can an engine block be fully melted and the wheel rims melted out and all the rubber gone from the tires when there wasn’t anything to burn in sight?

WEF, in nineteen seventy-one in Geneva is setup by the gray council under CB-cowo to manage Europe; and, have a mission to bring commerce and money and business and to combine that with politic and to place a tent more over the world; “you’d, own nothing and be happy”; it’s, you and i to be above what’s fictional; you

Don’t, want to have a new organ three-D printed; or, to be displaced by Geo-engineering; being, about integration yet not; being, about what is green but controlling to reduce the population by such; who is paying the piper is running the show; prepare, to go to mars because scientists are going to keep you healthy isn’t a proper story; okay? It’s, a bit bombastic and not grounded; so

Rock, solid proof Geo engineered wind was an act of war; caused, by Cb-cowo weather-machine; shown, from sailboats no proper water movement or wind to coincide with the land winds of the hurricane; can, you see the import of how one's perceptual filter should be set properly as to what is a priority? Love, jubbdavid;


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