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What’s Ecological Can Be Defended

Nature, being modeled can’t be improved; a, chef would be pretty arrogant holding up an apple saying “it had been improved upon;” also, anybody in a white lab coat holding a syringe saying the same thing about a baby; what’s, useful you keep; what’s, ecological doesn’t have to be defended; many, things fit because of our involuted recapitulated past;

Vital, nutrient is of property which the body has a process naturally such can be broken down; only, things which could be broken down and transformed should be put into the body; what, the body wouldn’t have ability to digest you ask someone if a dust in a camera is it possible to get it out?

If something that is not ecological finds its way into the body have you asked anyone how does the body get rid of what that is? And, do you know that what is not ecological is not something which you can put in the body? What’s

Orthophilic, is straight with nature; a, body consumes element which can break down into water and gas; protein, is made up out of water and gas; and, is broken down to carbon and breathed off;

Lungs, are the primary organ of digestion and elimination; which, the intestine performs a secondary role combining nitrogen; the, lifecolloid in intestine give you your whole body self; it’s, the garden that you’re wrapped around; within, this lifecolloid film within the body the body is composed of; and, terrain is very vital;

Nutrient, that is lifefood has property which is amphoteric meaning the nutrient can switch polarity; because, it’s enzymatically linked rather than resistant; nutrient, that’s with it’s enzyme is also in a property of amphiphilic; meaning, oil, resin, water and fat can be combined together in a colloid; also, orthophilic nutrient that’s ecological has properties of permittivity; meaning, it has a capacity to hold and conduct a charge;

Nutrient, as element pass through lung can be transformed from one element into another; via, magnetic domain being compressed also magnetic domain being split; element, which is enzymatically linked is useful and ecological; it’s, plant-based;

You, and i have no DNA to manage things from animal, bird, fish, or insect; surfactant which is in such you and i have no DNA to break down; might you be interested to learn more about lifefood; also, jubb’s cell rejuvenation? A, body can be restored; it’s, value you gain in giving instruction you can support this movement of eclipse;

You, and i can clear away what’s not useful to make way for what’s valuable; each, can live life more abundantly; yet, material that’s enzyme resistant like plastic can have been available in your life and can have been extremely not easy to have avoided; plastic, tubing breaks down and various pigment color tubing has radiolytic element in it;

Small, particles inhibit proper water structure; causing, the water to be more pentagonal shape; a, loss of such capacity to interact with enzyme which requires hexagonal pattern water;

Plastic, in the landfill and ocean and agriculture has been horrendous consumption; and, flesh eating production of food plastic has come into the body; at, the moments shown that plastic particulate is in water; the, average life might consume over forty pounds; most, is excreted yet quite a bit gets accumulated in organ; if, you look at that it’s like in the grand can be equivalent to plastic in a cigarette lighter the amount there;

You, could imagine the amount of twenty six grams of plastic consumed over time it adds up; and, the exposure; plastics are in many things especially the micro-plastic; such, has access to internal tissue from the bloodstream; various, technique exist that show tens of thousand micro-plastic exist in the whole array of tissue cell in the body; most, all blood contain plastic particle;

Depending, on what’s gone on like medical intervention; the, size can be increased or decreased to be diverse; today, to detect twenty to five hundred micrometer sized studies have been done looking at various eights type of plastic using laser direct infrared energy;

Lifeplastic, is a material that completely breaks down to carbon and none of it is enzyme resistant; plastic, should be done away with; such, is consumed by all of life and then comes back into our body; such, is neuro-toxin and impacts behavior of increased information of nerve cell;

All kinds of plastic broken down is non ecological; just, like water also that hasn’t passed through a membrane; strange, indigestible protein does exist; maybe, you could learn more about lifefood? What’s, broken down over time becomes evermore inflammatory;

Many, tested show immune markers of expressions of too many process factor; food, stuff consumed lacking enzyme robs such continuously having a storm; taking, away energy from a red blood corpuscle’s corona; and, changing the lifecolloid filament as packing around your cells and red blood corpuscle; which, has a corona of noble element to protect such;

One, requires bloodborne inhibitor to be in the body to block the expression of double-spore as lifecolloid; even, block having assembled into fermented aerobic glycolysis; which, is an aberrant energy part; cold, processed nutraceutical can pass through nuclear membrane and the blood brain barrier and is transported by chylomicron, a nano-sized lipid molecule, which block aberrant energy and switch on efficient energy pathways instead;

Maybe, you’d like to learn more about lifefood and jubb’s cell rejuvenation; love, jubbdavid;


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