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In An Emergency You Have To Keep Your Quorum Sensing Open

An, outlook confirming verified voting is broken; for, such is a propaganderized like a grown earthquake that caused water seeped into the land suddenly can trigger show an earthquake; seeping, water where quite a bit of weight change is by a Geo-engineered deluge can clear earthquake and volcanic activity; a

Forrest, fire doesn’t start because a nail inside the wood doesn’t burn the wood from the inside out; yet, needles all left on trees; for, many tree species seen survive; whilst, buildings most ceramic burnt to ash; material didn't burn the trees yet fire round the globe questioned; so

Many say they fear retribution but from who? Various, materials burn and some don’t; what, burns has got a more microwave signature which plastic doesn’t and wood; aluminum, rims never melted nor did engine blocks; until, we saw DEW used in nineteen ninety one in iraq;

Trees, of course are very flammable like eucalyptus aren’t burnt; only some material has signature for microwave to get to such a hot quick fire; rings, and gold evaporated must have been a high temperature; yet, fire normally doesn’t distinguish to burn hard material and not soft;

Microwave, can be conducted along metal water pipe; trees, can show that through conduction many got blackened tree trunk yet the leaves didn’t burn; yet, all ceramic burnt down to a white ash; no, black ash; a, lot of white ash shows extreme heat that’s not a natural fire;

All, story where you can find nails in the fence in the wood that burned the wood from the inside out; it, all can be burnt to an ash; even, a toilet and a fridge as well; even, stoves; so, you look at blackened tree trunk and even dead trees standing didn’t burn; yet, a lot you see is put more from the inside out; it, never ordinarily as a bush fire would completely melt all the metal hoods;

That, requires over a couple thousand degrees really high temperatures; yet, some flames that were there never affect the asphalt; to, say such is a natural possibility no fuel would be there to burn so hot; many, show a perfect burn like a car only burnt in half for instance;

Wasn't it back in nineteen seventy-six a DEW laboratory was set up more on Maui? And, today isn’t it a trillion watt laser; concentration can be done from satellite; and, isn’t that star wars that got developed?

Too many fire captains all observe the very same thing; how, glass and metals just burn to ash; is this the big CORPSE disaster capitalism? Does someone know better that you don’t put metal back under the road yet plastic instead; in a kill city you’d not say such mayhem wasn’t created?

What, would there be a reason behind not examining the forensics of the pressing evidence of a fire; yet, all told apparently what to do the top down somewhere else; and, that’s like the emergency proclamation isn’t it? Only just set up ahead of time;

Today, are a lot of unelected officials more moved in? And, rules made up to hinder and to control we the people? Fires, show how wood caught fire from nails but not from the outside; so

If you're not seeking truth, is that simply inconvenient? Because, if nails burnt the wood yet not the open fence where did the heat come from? If fields of gravel and bare dirt how does oxygen burn that deep?

Plastic garbage can and even wood left and as indicated some cars only half burned; dry, grass also left behind like plastic umbrella; buildings, all gone yet as needles on the tree all burned up; blackened trunks on the outside yet all the leaves are left behind; just, like soft tissue, plastic a bush fire doesn’t distinguish to leave behind yet a microwave fire does; so

It’s, setup so the permit wouldn’t be given to rebuild your house; so, like twenty five hundred degrees a glass would melt; fires, only burn to a thousand degrees less; so, in a microwave fire you see wood doesn't burn as much; yet, the trailer home for instance microwaved is white ash;

Even fibers left on a feather duster what was left in Santa Rosa? Was it seven hundred forty seven homes burned? And, didn’t the crazy wind come out of nowhere? Weather manipulation has been going on for the last one hundred years;

Fires, with metal gone yet polyester ones without metal completely left; water pipes deep in the ground heated by microwave weapon; yet, you always see how there’s a cleanup crew with brand new equipment; meanwhile, back at the ranch house you’re listening to the governor looking for land to get into a smart-city;

Is Lahaina the first entrance to Maui? The paddle out recently all look back to consider our common fate; for, all lost can be not lost in vain; shouldn’t a corporation function from constitutional law? Yet, not if the legislators in charge is all bought up; love, jubbdavid;

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