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Isn’t Room for Improvement the Greatest Room?

Isn't it room for improvement that’s the greatest room? Doesn't the word room used refer to ethics? How, much more time as the past you don’t take action with this father from a proper chain of command? It’s

We, the people and what fiction is below such that a charge can be discharged; because, you want your life back; you, can see that where venue wasn’t from the land yet under commerce this father’s son in a subject was just trafficked; yet,

That, criminal system is just after your title always to have controlled currency; to, turn a profit for “itself;” yet, those days are numbered; for, it’s self that you can come to get the news; for, truth sells itself to you; for

Otherwise, what’s fictional is lie-sensed only and really expensive; who, censored that’s done to you by those who don’t want you to hear any speech or words or have conversation relevant to taking action right now;

Don’t, waste time; participate in the data, don't be just a spectator; you'd say you don’t see what the emergency siren is blaring? It’s,your speaking truth as here quietly; for, it’s honesty that’s at stake otherwise; and, that’s the strange attractor; it’s, what the rainbow prophecy is about; it’s, simple; it’s, getting back the proper chain of command;

You, do so by having a vested interest in the bonds of all spent; how, do you help give because something is extremely important to say you’ve got room; you, give room; you, can cut through the noise;

You're, treated to connect with like-mind immediately; you, can achieve things and feel bliss from such; you, don’t want to just see non-stop little earthquakes and fake performer under the soul of a corporate board room;

Under, title as a man/woman right flows from; otherwise, you’re a victim of your own shrunken thought of worth; yet, you the living is the real estate; not, tourist dollars; you, don’t want to just have no base of nothing left; it’s,

When, you get burned as an offering it’s called being holy-costed; if, you survived you’re a holocaust victim; yet, to participate in the data pay attention what's going on; focus, on an ethic;

A, corridor of pressure was on the ground and pyro-terrorism on the ground; clear, lack of organization obvious; clear, signs of motivation shown of acts beforehand, during, and after a crime; it’s,

A literal zombie that you don’t care and put children first; it's we the people and fiction below such; otherwise, Alphabet soup land is soulless; can’t hear you; do you understand? Otherwise

Just, obsessed absurd normalization of deviant behavior; you don't want to be a “boomer” or any generation that sucks; do you need to be more shell-shuck? You’ve, got the FEW as a stalking horse like DAVOS; and

Half-truths operating worse than lies; you, and i allowed it; because, it’s we the people above any fictional organization outright; so, is it by your conduct you display by where you went to settle a claim?

If a president is tried from the land that’s we the people that is common; yet, what happens if that’s not challenged and the procedure is under the CROWN? Without a document just by conduct you’ve continued on haven’t you to be a slave?

It's a value system of perception that’s about who before what isn’t it? And, such is always before when isn’t it? You can have something right for sure when you ban the jab yet how about banning cooperation which is existed that doesn’t have a proper mission statement?

How, about just demanding to see the claim period; because, you haven’t seen it; i’m, using as an open platform to speak to leadership; because, evil never sleeps;

You, and i need to stick together; and, this is our strength; yet, is it possible for you to lift a finger today? You, actually assist give because you can see the growth of such; it’s, a real grassroots movement; not, astroturfed when their lips moved they only lied; it’s

Common, people like you and me; and, change occurs always never not by the committed few; don’t, tell me truckers didn’t win the day; it, wasn’t about bullshit party;

Stop, being so low-ball and blaming a monopoly that owns an eclectic company for instance; that, is a true pre-textual cop-out; yet, a common law grand jury is open to we the people; this, is you living; it’s, the silent majority for it just all of a sudden jumped out; yet, it’s the path of least resistance; for

Self, is given you can give intelligent feeling; you, give self life; and, this is the beginning now of a new epoch being ushered in; for, it’s about the whole paradigm not just a part of it; it’s, the

DEW, blast like in Maui; which, tests we the people against an innocent power company and it’s blame; when, no such condition could be shown; except, for DEW having been used;

You’re, not going to secure things unless you’ve got proper chain of command; and, that’s not going to happen unless you get rid of foreign agent and double-oath takers; you, have to shut that down; but, you do so by opening up article III and article IV court; otherwise, it’s

A, fiction all are given all their substance due; to, just dismantle whatever government existed which is wrong; let’s, take equal responsibility for a vision of upholding natural right; other, than some lunatic rigged election as another ploy;

Scientist, aren’t going to continue to die of poisoning in a string of mysterious disappearance ongoing; like, around for instance the Franklin Coverup; it’s, time to get the proper chain of command where chaos exists you can see it;

Don’t, tell me that when you look you’re not going to be able to see lots of flag transactions that show extremely suspicion nefarious transfer of currency of exchange; don’t, be just knocked over by what’s obnoxious yet be in a new mindset;

Maybe, you should explore more where such topic is; the site is about getting rid of usury and what the real reset is; don’t sell out for anything less okay? Love, jubbdavid;


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