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Maui Holocaust: Fire Anomaly

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Could you say it's an act of war on you alphabet soup land agency spend; all, got flushed up before and after the crime? when, social security benefit comes from records that a cyber attack occurred before hand in January to stymie anyone's ability to get benefits; meanwhile, back at the ranch house what you're looking at is lavish; a, thousand dollar a night in a hotel; for government foreign workers; cars new already on the island brought out like where did they come from? then you’ve, got one foreign agent all over the news in another coincided matter of Ukraine; set up as the head of state in a foreign country paid up billions; looking, for

A, rich villa in the Mediterranean; meanwhile, some pittance is offered you can see it; five, hundred thousand dollars being given to everyone displaced is the amount given to continue a war which should be stopped; immediately, you can see a small amount of money given to help compensate Maui displaced inconvenience of seven hundred dollars; and, no attention is by the president much that is noted; is the amount of currencies of account being controlled taken over by a foreign agent?

Would you agree that your world view colors perceptual transient perception? What, is unity is set you see under frozen logos more as luminist instead; luminist, is defined as the “means justifying the end” as as a modus operandi; yet, it’s a supreme court of “we the people” as a grand jury that has the capacity to look at contract; and, governing process that’s above the legislative assembly at the state; this, is a court of “we the people” who selects; all

Fictional, offices as government below is from a chain of command from above not below; all, offices and organization is fictional as alphabet soup land is; all, follow orders from “we the people” who is of joinery not corpus delicti; meaning, no-body is behind any counter-claim; the, holocaust of children and family is first not second; children, missing is first not second; the

Issue, of children immediately is resolved; ethic, when your lips move is about the holocaust in Maui because of the fire anomaly; which, is the crime; motivation, as a land grab comes out of the lips of the criminals mouths who have got dollar signs in their eyes that have been bought up; magnetic, pulse is absolute; microwave, energy is absolute; a

Coverup, is obvious; not, mildly obvious; but, glaringly; when, alphabet soup land has orders coming down the pike to change at the last moment like sawing horse which is illegal to rush something through; how, could it have happened by such conflicted interest of death being occurred because of a lack of proper organization to deal with microwave pulse and DEW;

When, it was obvious to all who look at the fires around the globe; the, lies about what’s been injected into a sky; and, what impacts the body to have no more T4 cell; capacity, to manage another dose of toxin which is lethal; it’s, lethal that you don’t immediately have attention to the crime itself in its totality; criminals, are continuously showing motivation by what’s redacted;

Pertinent, information not put into context; what, is the motivation for the crime itself like land grab; obvious, to the people in Maui; and, it’s for this reason: a, mess exists between government department to have conflicted interest in medical examiner and coroner and documented cause of death properly; which, can only be investigated by a common law court with members without vested interest obviously; the

Enemy, wants to cut your capacity to communicate; when, you see that’s not restored properly you can see the motivation why; like, a narrative is getting controlled; the, other day a pilot with a drone five hundred feet or more away from the earth looking at the site of a crime; the, drone is quickly put down and the pilot visited by alphabet soup land agents under orders; that Raytheon and McDonald Douglas weaponized weaponry directed energy weapons the corporation owners own; all, see a similar narrative as what happened in the paradise fires;

To, do anything such “you’d be arrested;” yet, it’s the public right as title to document the crime; it’s, to mitigate and collect evidence as it’s obvious as a scene has been whitewashed; for, it’s we the people who is the claimant; a, public is of a title of right to flow from this to know you have to form independent tribunal straight away; you’ve to be in your own suit not someone else's; it’s an

Article, III article IV court because it’s about bridging contract; the, many missing children and innocent that got shepherded that day that witnessed chaos get a shutdown on airtime; DEW, laser of wave band is tuned so it's got the finest vibration to burn; which, is in blue range; yet, blue blocks such by phase conjugation; and so

Microwave, doesn’t hit anywhere through the blue; also, soft tissue; many, things blue remained unscathed; soft, tissue close by isn’t burned; evidence, of heat having started the fire from inside not out; what, burned the cars wasn’t from conduction or convection nor radiation because blocks of metal heated and melted out; it’s,

Not, an ordinary bush fire; because, temperatures to burn a body has to be over three thousand degrees; crime, of all seeing credit spent collected to transfer title of private property away from we the people; the, private conglomerate posing as a de jure government to a land grab; a holocaust of children and family needs to be addressed straight away; also, crime investigated immediately;

Alphabet soup land, should be ordered immediately to stop covering everything up and to immediately depart; for, its obvious evidence existed of the crime being covered up by criminal also lips lying when moved; you, can see an orchestrated crime ongoing is remaining; evidence, being removed; death, records having been interfered with months beforehand; a

Police, captain is a truly disastrous background of coverup becomes a coroner; yet, doesn’t answer questions properly to deal with how barricades; did, of course also loss of life incur because police barricades placed blocked cars to go around in a circle on front street? Also, it’s that police chief who would be looking to stop crime and a sheriff is supposed to be guarding your title and private property; yet, orchestrated together the office is for rent; as a

State, of war on you; all, flushed up alphabet soup land agency spend lavish; a, thousand dollar a night in a hotel; you’ve, got agent in a foreign country paid up billions looking for a rich villa in the Mediterranean; meanwhile, some pittance is offered you can see it; five, hundred thousand dollars being given to everyone displaced immediately is the amount of money given to a foreign state; the

Head, of that is looking for another villa to buy; whilst, his countrymen are dying as a meat grinder on the front line; the, people where such is starve; to, not be conscripted; they’re, avoiding the seven hundred a day meat grinder in Ukraine; so, your credit is spent for that; so, Maui sees the pot; the, fire burned out the bottom of; the

Children, missing and family is first investigating the crime is second; looking, in the meantime assisting compensate those immediately those displaced; always, never not an equity interest is in an officials discretion done by due diligence obviously upholding natural right of title; that, private property is being protected; attention, you’d see viewed overall as the big picture is what the values are perceptual; so the

Issue, is quickly resolved as to how many beloved are missing and how many are children; the, crime of separating children from parents at the time; and, not turning water on; having, conflicted alphabet soup land not coordinated; and, for some not to be able to communicate because pulse can have knocked out equipment in some areas close to the pulse; so

When, attention is to who is going to get the land it’s going to be a memorial; and, where war is going on subject matter of purchasing another villa in a resort town; meanwhile, emergency fund is gone; it’s, a police state where the question about the conflict of interest of the police can get that journalist put in a headlock is because dialogue isn’t of reason; and

It’s, not to have disclosed proper procedure of logical reason; you, can see dialogue has been shutdown; you, can see no proper disclosure of procedure to disclose death and evidence; it’s, we the people in investigation who has the power relevant to know what the actual Maui death count is; when, an official is pressed about such the police headlock shouldn’t have been put on the journalist who asked a question; it’s the

Title of man/woman who is living that an office in the government is below; unless some claim can be seen alphabet soup land is run as a company; infiltrated of a hidden motive of those active from outside of a cell in a cell to a nefarious aim; where, there isn’t any proper chain of command from we the people; if, such wasn’t true you’ve have to point out that nothing in history in this narrative is supportive and that might be hard to do in the circumstance of obvious memory;

A, stone or a rabbit isn’t going to take action; how, you conduct your attention is with official up to authority; which, should be noted observed from the land and not under commerce; don’t, make that also legal name fraud and common law trespass; as, the credit spent drawn up against your bonds as securities put; independent, investigation in Iceland by a marshal being selected to investigate the crime which had gone on stopped the overall crime and stymied it in Iceland;

From banking fraud; so, some did receive title because we the people gathered and upheld such; what evidence exists you lifted a finger in assistance? Isn’t it how most have a life? Shouldn’t all be ushered into a new epoch? To, be delighted justice is done; children, become identified fully as missing; and, the crime and not having the ability to be able to do that; for

Being delighted you’re being uplifted; shifted, into an agentic state is the process of grief integrating what is lost and gradual and sudden; all, see what has to be done; love, jubbdavid;


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