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Once Lawyers Have Been Disbanded

When, common people went into the police station and made police reports of crimes against themselves and adverse reaction to vaccination was what stopped the mandate; too, many truckers and common people objected which was just overwhelming; like, Canada the truckers won the day;

Keep, in mind that because you’ve got a two twenty presidential election; that’s, no question about it is not without utter controversy; and, certain natural right lost; supporters, for we the people in Maui as we the people is aware;

Lawyers, is a criminal society; excited, by double-oath taken; and, how about you can see it’s a long time passed since such a guild having stolen venue at the courthouse were disbanded; in the

Day, before such you could have been locked away for a “future crime;” a, bit like a president’s orange head on a block; you’ve got your identity stolen by a group all paid up; it, is today you can see yourself flattened by the very same institute of double oath takers; under, a guild, under a CROWN; as, a foreign agent; which, is not your nation; it’s

Legal, fees, legal argument; yet, it’s now you register rejection; for, in the eclipse movement you can see an open platform; for, legal and lawful integrity; for, twenty-twenty all would agree was an accelerant to black-swan; via a pretext as a virus; so the

Gatekeepers, you see keep with the “climate change;” and, stopping hate speech; like, January sixth indoctrination; no, care exists about popular opinion; all, you see is a blatant attack on contractual agreement; to

Use, procedure lawfully to protect private property; we, the people is above; it’s, were lawyers are disbanded; because, you can’t appeal as a corporation; a, corporation for the CORPS is as a witness; but, not to participate in the bureaus investigation; a

Nation, also a CORPS is a fiction and is dead; below, who is living; which, is the public trust as far as a chain of command is concerned; taking, action is where the public is from the land being the venue;

What, ground is occupied is what is over the whole republic; which, a common law supreme court grand jury of we the people is of a ground which is filed in a federal court; a

Black, frocked white wigged ones as a gild abridge your natural right; and, if you ask any of them how do you protect by private law’ you’d see none know how to protect title properly; and,

All, these attorneys in the gild have worked against the founding fathers’ common idea; you, can only join like with like; you, can’t join the living with a fiction; you, see a clue to all this; because

What, is relevant has been redacted as information; so, that you and i didn’t denounce a process which is just where and i are mere chattel without a voice; and, so all you see in the press is printed OP-EDS in the mainstream; which

You, can see a silence found exists in the times; many, supporting Alliance of Law Movement; as, the Eclipse movement is; an, aged war on us to clear away usury; where, we the people is of judicial right; of, any court to take note of procedural law; that the

State, you’re upholding is in order of testimony; which, is not under any double oath taken; no, system which is not from the land as authority; because, you can’t allow foreign agent and procedure to keep trying the president as the conduct displayed by the nation;

Too, much association there exists under the CROWN only; to, be only chattel in another’s clothing/suit; yet, what about being in your own clothing/suit? Might not such be better? Love, jubbdavid;


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