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Sticking With Covert Fact

It’s, a covert tactic in counter-espionage to distract away from what is actual covert facts; like, metal and a temperature needed to melt that; as, well as what bodies was found that was turned to ash; and, how some soft tissue didn’t get affected; burning, having occured where no fuel was; it’s, criminal as a position taken that anything considering common sense as fact is dismissed; because

Fires, all correlate where smart cities are planned across the globe; fires, correlate exactly with such matter of fact; it’s, not an accident that the hand above Maui we the people have acted to stop; because, it’s only we the people that has an authority over the top of such; none, can say the statistical anomaly of fires across turtle island in the day doesn’t correlate exactly with smart cities okay?

When you hear “smart city” you should think concentration camp; it’s, the reason fire is created by such; exactly the same scenario; by, the use of non-kinetic weapon;

CB-cowo, has an agenda to grab all private property; you, can see public opinion doesn’t exist; it’s, money and politic put together as a scale of economy; a, single bloke can own more than a nation does; so, when the NEWS is astroturfed (meaning not of a factual base yet appeared to be as real when not especially when propagandized when massed produced);

Article, that you read now is Ai generated; with a bent to dissociate and distract; and, apply some other pretextual narrative instead; would you say that is not going on with the Maui holocaust?

The crime of stealing records beforehand; information that's private, stolen and sold by someone in Kentucky; put onto the dark web; could such manipulate payouts into a future?

When, such was a cyber attack yet suddenly is; so, that what’s verified stored in the state death registry system; records, are all bridged from nineteen ninety-eight to two thousand twenty-three; the, pattern of the forensics is how interest within the theft is toward ninety percent; in, two thousand fourteen or before all coincides with legality with benefit; and, makes sure that what’s missing fits that the system doesn’t go broke after the holocaust;

Over three thousand four hundred of those records became breached; and, how does such an act coincide for Maui victims seeking a claim where social security is? Criminal, application of the media is a stance; criminally, always to debunk the idea a larger hand is over the top of you and i; where, crime is existed it’s you trust and have honor instead yet wrongfully; for

No, fact check ever existed of a valid claim; to, substantiate words used; so, to point the reader to a view away from fact yet to doctrine only theory instead; a, theory it was a bushfire for instance which is untrue; that, is not a fact; for,

You, see what is posted astroturfed; an, official’s allowed stuck with view; so, as you can see article IV and III court is to restore common law straight away; for, to follow up now you’d look straight away at a conflict of interest clearly glaring that exists we the people can clear up; yet, hasn’t in the past been where everybody is the weakest the most? So

If, a cyber attack was of records that could stymie now as a deliberate act claims being discharged; all, see the charge how McDonald Douglas and Raytheon website sell and distribute manufacture directed energy weapon; and, that corporation controllers of a nation own such and use them; and, what is impressive is how none question the monopolized press; as, always a practiced knee-jerk showing gullibleness to a CB-cowo narrative; so

Fires, of the same pattern criminal anomaly in Paradise starts in Maui for instance in all the wet zones not dry zones; water, is defended not to be used; barriers stopping people from being the victim is defended; sirens, not to have warned you is defended; don’t, worry about micro-pulse that doesn’t exist; don’t, worry a land grab isn’t at stake and it’s yours to return to;

When, is it possible that you see how slow it is the number that were killed? when it’s possible it’s way over a thousand its clear evidence; it’s, witnesses who can’t stomach the lies told anymore; only, a few in the beginning of course as you know are considered dead truly brings down the idea that gee it was serious; when

Obviously, DEW incinerated close to over a thousand with criminal context of actedness of an event before, during and after the crime is ongoing; so, was the data breach sensed by someone doing things for someone else as a costing who was unauthorized? So, what’s not fact is only a theory yet if a hand is over the top can from fact seen logic be deducted and inducted from such? Love, jubbdavid;

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