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Title Discharges A Charge To Republic / Revenue

Being, able to discharge a charge had is to republic this revenue; and, to do such we the people is in our own suit and clothing not someone else’s merely as a fiction of abridged right; as, a corporation only; as

We, the people meeting to convene where all are gathered; which, is in a venue which is above jurisdiction; it’s, the venue from the land separate and distinct from fiction all of it below; including, the sheriff’s jurisdiction; the

Chain, of command from we the people as a grand jury is what protects we the people’s peace officers; and, any militia; we, the people is above what is above what is fictional only at a county level;

Jurisdiction, where a corporation is doesn’t extend all the way to Washington DC; it’s, we the people’s common law grand jury; procedure, is where the living exists; you, can’t be a “citizen” or a corporation; for it’s

We, the people who establish independent investigation; to, subpoena discovery necessary to consider what is being redacted in a scope of a hand above having acted from malfeasance as an act of war; which, DEW weapon certainly is;

Identity, as a wo/man isn’t as a “person”, “individual,” “resident;” which, is a pronoun and not a real true noun; it’s, the title as wo/man and when present on paper is existed in the grand jury of we the people; which

Beloved, all in Maui have been considering at the moment; and, acting upon such; it’s, simple that two witnesses witness as jurat; who, takes an oath to fulfill duty under oath is a statement made under the laws from the land under perjury; and, all witnesses under oath is authenticated; as, a man/woman; not, as an “individual” or “person” or “citizen;” you, have to use a real true name; as a

Officer, of the peace is requested to impanel secret society in government; which, can only be done with authority to do such from we the people; where, all are in gathering who is in need of being with alm now; for it’s

We, the people who is from authority; and, all other office below can be dismissed; it’s, we the people who is of title of right to establish a court; as, title as wo/man is present on paper all existed below such is fiction as a corporation; as, not natural; otherwise

You’re, just looking at headlines like “Rock Doesn’t Want To Talk After Slap;” it’s, just distraction; title, as wo/man where a verb is used the verb is “from;” the, verb “of” or “in” or “at” distinguishes only what is fictional in grammar;

Jc, quantum language would be used in smart contract; where, “is” is a real true verb used in speaking; whereas, “would,” “should,” also “shall” only relates to a future; where, “is” is in the now;

Fiction, doesn’t add up; the, contract can easily be seen given consideration in title; such, is been given; otherwise, under vice-admiralty as a fiction you’re just given an antibiotic; which, wrecked your intestinal lifecolloid; so

Did you get any consideration given you about such a question? Gabon, in Africa had a rigged election; and, its military officers took over; it’s like the same story in Niger; it’s, logic which is supposed to be used;

No, crime ever was with cannabis; yet, families and children were wrecked when no crime had been committed; consumer, confidence is an index; which, relates to most lining up behind a desk of lies that are favorable than what you should to be lined up to know what is not favorable;

DEW, use isn’t a wildfire; certainly, not in Maui nor all over the globe; like, flooding Floridians out; especially, in the zones who is “considered more as a combatant;”

You, and i come to platform like this one at; to, be an open source network to be with each other; for, all is equal under the law; you, can see easily consideration being given; title, allows the enjoyment from common custom from you being with what is you private property; it’s, what you own exclusive; also of lawful title to be equitable; it’s

Only, title put in the common law; trial, by jury; not, jury-trial; this, is your exclusive property; it’s, your property to have your own feeling and to be able to lift your own arm; and, such is witnessed and documented in official public record; for, it’s, your possession right to come together now; from, your title to have right flow exclusively from; for its

Only, a wo/man who can make an act; to, the chain of command below; that’s, the common custom in joinery; you, can see what happens to the past-president getting indicted; getting, mobstalked;

Who, is under oath is of joinery to we the people; and, where the abridging is of right it was by title being removed; and, that act itself is treason against the founding father principle; a

Pronoun, is a fiction; it’s, not a word that adds up; to, be above what is real in jc quanta languaging; a, mindset is merely only a state of mind; that, isn’t title; you, cannot be a naturalized corporation; a, “person” or “individual;” for, that word is a pronoun not a real noun; and as a

CORPS, is abridged of right that would naturally flow you only exist under a privilege, duty, and responsibility; only, we the people is of power of authority; to, elect over as a chain of command all fictional corporation below; which, only a function of chattel “itself;” otherwise

If, a sheriff even was requested no one such that’s criminal would be held; such, would have no effect whatsoever; life, begets life and dead begets dead; you, can only join life with life; and, you do not want to remain only as a piece of furniture as chattel; love, jubbdavid;


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